Today I want to tell you about Portovenere and the Poet’s Gulf, one of my favorite places in the Italian Riviera, just next to Cinque Terre.

Portovenere is a charming fishing village, as the ones in Cinque Terre but it has something special that gives it a particular atmosphere.

Portovenere is a village rich in history!

A rocky cliff dominates the village and, just perched on it, rise the medieval church of San Pietro that looks almost made of rocks. Take a walk to the church and you’ll admire an incredible panorama!

But it does not end here because in front of the village there is the Palmaria Island with its lush vegetation, hidden coves and tiny beaches. It is very close to the coast so that it creates a sort of channel of sea in front of the village. Behind Palmaria there are two other small islands, Tino and Tinetto, once inhabited by monks. You’ll love this unique marine landscape!

Don’t miss to visit the perched church of San Pietro ore the bigger one of Sal Lorenzo, than there is the castle and the cozy village with its main narrow street flanked by the ancient tall hoses and full of nice fish restaurants and shops.