1. Discover a destination from a new perspective

Most of us have witnessed places from planes, but from a boat every view looks like a picture with blue waters and clear skies. The perfect backdrop!
2. Find secret beaches
Sail through waters and find your very own secret beach with white sand and crystal clear waters. Privacy in paradise! Things could be worse right?
3. Water activities and toys
If you’re an adventure seeker, then traveling by boat is ideal! Most boats have excellent toys on board, including snorkeling gear, kiteboards, windsurfs, paddle boards and much more! Get that adrenaline fix!
4. Learn new skills
Whether you’re an expert Skipper or a first-time sailor there is always plenty to learn! Ask your Captain to teach you a few things from steering to setting the sails. It’s a lot of fun
5. Source your own food
Yes! Grab a couple of lines and catch some fish only a foot away from the deck! Use your sourced seafood to cook up delicious pasta! It doesn’t get much fresher than that!
6. Visit beautiful cities and towns
Coastlines and islands are home to some of the most beautiful cities and towns. Make stops at the marinas, discover different cultures and try tasty local dishes!

7. Amazing sunrises and sunsets
One thing about being at sea that you really can’t experience anywhere else is the rising and setting of the sun. View an incredible palette of colors paint the sky as the hot sun melts into the water.
8. Get in touch with nature
Anchor the boat jump off to discover the underwater wildlife as you snorkel through hidden coves. As well as at sea, you can also visit the lands and witness beautiful flora. You never know, you might stumble upon a natural mud bath or fresh water springs!
9. Meet new people
The beauty of traveling by boat is that you are not the only one! Hop from port to port and get to know other sailors! You’ll be surprised of the amount of interesting stories they all have to tell!
10. Embrace a new experience
Every time you travel by boat, you will always live an entirely new and exciting experience! Live some unforgettable memories today by traveling on a boat on your next trip!