1. In our opinion, sailors are one of the best company you can have. There is nothing better in the world than enjoying a couple of beers with fellow sailors and exchange stories and experiences. Even in forums and Facebook groups, we find that sailors are the most helpful, funny and social people that are always up for a good joke or a short chat. Do you agree?

2. As much as sailors are good company, sailing itself can be very calm and seen as a time off. When we are on the water, there is no stress and problems of the world around. These moments of pure solitude is what makes us love sailing.

3. Thousands of places to discover and more! You know exactly what we’re talking about right? There are countless numbers of stunning sailing destinations: the islands and coasts in Greece, or the sunny Aeolian Islands of Sicily, the Maldives, the Caribbean… The list is endless! You can never run out of places.

4. The sense of pride and achievement: You know the feeling of pride when you know your boat and feel the “sweet spot” or adjust the sails just right? The accomplishment and joy of sailing doesn’t need an explanation, you either know the feeling or you are missing out

5. We all know that no sailing tour is like the other. You discover, feel, see and experience something new everytime you set your sails and every trip is unique and like no other. The weather, the waves, the wind, everything changes and brings you new memories. How can someone ever get tired of sailing?

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(I can’t believe we’re the only boat left anchored here for the night. It’s absolutely great to have such a beautiful spot to ourselves)