Our drone shot: Alghero Marina

Ciao #Alghero, sei bellissima! Walk around the historic center leaving the sea behind your back is one of the first things to do in Alghero.

The beautiful old town is worth a thorough visit to admire the architecture of the churches, the cobbled streets and small houses. A walk on the ramparts at sunset is worth the whole trip to Sardinia!

With its 44,000 inhabitants, it is the 5th largest city of Sardinia. Alghero is the island’s main harbour town and one of its best-loved cities for the popular walkway along the port’s bastions, the red roofs that touch the sky and the gorgeous natural bay that flows into the emerald sea. The shoreline is some 90 km long and known as the Coral Riviera, home to a major colony of the finest coral.

Mercato di frutta e verdura

Chiesa di San Francesco

We watched a classical piano concert in the evening in the open courtyard of this gorgeous church and had a wonderful evening. It is an amazing setting to be in while watching incredible musicians playing while the courtyard fills with wonderful classical music, we highly recommend it!

Dating back to 1360 and rebuilt in the late 16th century, Chiesa di San Fracesco is one of the greatest examples of the Gothic-Catalan style in Sardinia. Original Catalan-Gothic parts can be seen over the high altar, the presbytery chapels and the San Sacramento Chapel. The building is made of stone and is characterized by its bell tower from the first half of the 16th century

We left the Marina of Alghero at 10 am towards Capo Caccia and we crossed the gulf of Alghero in less than an hour.

Passing the huge vertical walls of the cliffs of Capo Caccia.

Huge cliffs plunging into the sea, shaped in centuries with numerous caves and underwater grottoes.Wind and sea over time have carved the cliffs of Capo Caccia and we can can notice all the power of the elements.

The natural beauty which Capo Caccia offers is breathtaking.

Grotte di Nettuno