So, there is an island in Sardinia full of miniature albino donkeys. The island of Asinara, a remote island just off the coast of Sardinia, crystal clear water, and a population of one solitary person. The sea of Asinara is a real treasure!

The island is home to around 100 miniature albino donkeys.

You read that correctly. One hundred. Miniature. Donkeys.

Asinara island was recently converted to a wildlife and marine preserve. In 2002, the marine protected area was established to protect biodiversity and the micro and macro underwater environments. A paradise… but…

During World War I, Asinara was turned into a prison for about 24,000 Austrian and Hungarian soldiers, 5,000 of whom died on the island.

Some years later, during the 1970s, the prisons on the island were restructured to become high-security facilities, where some of the most dangerous criminals were detained, including members of the Brigate Rosse and the Mafia, the most infamous of whom was Sicilian godfather Totò Riina.

Asinara hosts many archaeological features and Nuraghic monuments (around 4,000 BC). Asinara has a marvelous landscape with an array of colours and geography. The western side is steep and mountainous topped off with a quaint lighthouse at Punta dello Scorno. The east coast has many soft sandy beaches and pink granite bays.