Autumn in Tuscany means good food, great wine, and gorgeous colours. It’s the autumn light, that make you love being alive in Italy!

Che spettacolo…..Magic is happening, the light is glowing so softly !

Marina di Scarlino

Colours, flavours and emotions! Besides being the harvest season – just think about the olive and grape harvest, mushrooms, truffle and chestnuts – it is also the ideal season for those looking for romantic landscapes.


End of September is the time when fall really starts to roll in. That means comfortable temperatures for sightseeing, exploring the countryside, engaging in outdoor activities, and even sunbathing on the coast.

Autumn in Portoferraio is a sustained color explosion.

What a lovely surprise! Yesterday evening we discovered our beloved Hallberg Rassy 43 Victoria (now: Mogador) in the Marina. We were happy to see her her in great shape and save mooring!

Timeless Beauty HR43 !
A very emotional moment 🤎🤎🤎
Food porn