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  • Autumn feels well and truly on his way… It’s time to get out the new accessories!

    *Advertising My #crossbodybag in cognac is my perfect Autumn accessory. This trend forward belt bag is perfect for a woman on the go! Gabriele's belt bag is my perfect companion! Gabriele Frantzen has been a European fashion fixture for over 20 years. We know each [...]

  • Let’s create your Anti-Bucket List!

    Now, have you heard of an anti-bucket list? It could also be called “things I would like to avoid at all costs.” My new anti-bucket list: *Wait until the right time to sail the world! You can always find an excuse not to go somewhere. [...]

  • Boat maintenance starts from keeping it clean.

    Don’t use high-pressure cleaners! Wash your teak with fresh or salt water using only a soft brush! Teak decks are one of the solutions for marine or boat decking. They also have practical benefits too. Such as:- • Anti-slip – they are a great safety [...]


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