Bay of Naples

The Bay of Naples: All in all, I can’t recommend southern Italy enough!!!

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    The Bay of Naples. It is not hard to see the appeal of the Bay of Naples for sailors. On the northern end, the islands of Ischia and Procida are both very accommodating to yachtsmen with several well-equipped marinas and a number of beautiful anchorages suitable in settled weather. In the centre, the famous outline of mount Vesuvius dominates the skyline with a number of marinas lining the coastline around Naples, some more attractive than others! On the southern end, the Island of Capri lies serenely off the Sorrento peninsular. Its harbour is famously expensive, but there is an anchorage to the side of it and a number of spectacular bays suitable for anchoring in settled weather. To the north of the bay, yachts can visit the beautiful Pontine Islands and to the south, the Amalfi coast beckons.

Napoli. Anema e cuore!

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Napoli – schon der Name klingt nach Sonne, Schönheit und purer Lebensfreude. Und irgendwie gilt Neapel seit jeher als magischer Ort – das fängt schon bei Goethe’s schwärmerischem „Vedi Napoli e poi muori“ an. In Deutschland und Frankreich vermutete man in der Stadt im Schatten des Vesuvs sogar die Heimat der Zauberei. Für die Italiener selbst ist die drittgrößte Metropole nach Rom und Mailand ein auf die Erde gefallenes Stück Himmel. Vielleicht sogar der siebte Himmel? Ganz im Geist der Neopolitaner stürzen wir und heute lang ins wilde, südländische Leben! Vecchione, ein großer Ship Chandler hat uns gerade 4 tonnenschwere neue Batterien direkt an unseren Steg in Napoli geliefert, nachdem ich ihn vom Meer aus angerufen habe. Geht nicht, gibt es hier nicht....   Der Motor läuft, die neuen Raymarine-Teile sind eingebaut und die Lufthansa hat die Kids aus München gebracht. Es geht los....Capri wir kommen!

Ischia and Procida…..

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I wondered why nobody heard of this gorgeous island. Procida is the smallest island in the Bay of Naples and despite its location just a 40 minute hydrofoil ride from Naples it receives nowhere near as many foreign visitors as the neighbouring islands of Capri and Ischia. Procida seems to want to keep its secret to itself, although it’s popular with napoletani looking for a summer escape from the steaming, chaotic city.Procida’s highlight is Marina Corricella, the colourful fishing village that’s built into the rock leading to the sea. The 17th century settlement is traffic-free and can only be reached by stairs in passageways through the houses. Along the waterfront there are piles of fishing nets and patio restaurants where you can enjoy a meal with a view of the Terra Murata and bobbing fishing boats.Don't miss the best Restaurant:Il nuovo Maestrale Castello Aragonese in Ischia is the most iconic of sights on the island. The citadel has stood for nearly three centuries....

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