Biskcaya Crossing

Spannung liegt in der Luft! Wir starten von Trebeurden in Nord-Frankreich in Richtung Spaniens Nord-Küste!

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IViele Menschen versäumen das kleine Glück – während sie auf das große vergebens warten! Pearl S. Buck. Nächste Woche hoffen wir auf den richtigen Wind, der uns in Richtung Spanien begleiten soll. Wann ist im Leben schon der exakt richtige Zeitpunkt um große Dinge in Angriff zu nehmen ? Wenn  man immer alles auf den perfekten Moment verschieben will, kommt der richtige Zeitpunkt vielleicht nie... Also jetzt oder nie!Follow us on Marine Traffic!

Sailing from South England to Spain. Victoria has left the harbour …crossing the Bay of Biscay!

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Die Leinen sind los. Die bis dato längste und schwierigste Langstrecke mit 550 Seemeilen am Stück liegt vor uns und Victoria. Der Wetterbericht ist perfekt, 3-4 Windstärken aus NW. Der Captain und die 3-köpfige Crew sind erst gestern Abend am Yachthafen angekommen, die Flieger waren massiv verspätet, dann noch einkaufen mit dem Taxi, der übliche Wahnsinn eben.Marine Traffic hat Victoria soeben getrackt und meldet, dass sie den Hafen Dartmouth verlassen hat und jetzt in Richtung Spanien fährt. 4 Tage und Nächte. So weit weg und doch ganz nah. Ja, die große Freiheit lockt und jetzt gibt es nur noch: Wind. Wasser. Meer. "In bocca al lupo" 

Heading South….to the Mediterranean Sea! Next Leg: The Bay of Biscay

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Getting ready....The 550 mile crossing from England to Spain still requires our respect.In actual fact, the Bay of Biscay is like any stretch of open water when it starts to get windy. Conditions can change quickly and because of certain geographical features, can become rather uncomfortable. The Bay of Biscay is a wide concave sweep of water that stretches around the western coast of France and along the northern coast of Spain. Combine this geography with the prevailing westerly winds that sweep in from the Atlantic, and you have one long, 310-mile lee shore.Naturally sailing ships of old had a great fear of getting embayed here after a succession of westerly gales, but the Bay is also notorious for its stormy waters, driven up as the Atlantic Ocean meets the shallower continental shelf of the Bay. Our Hallberg Rassy, with their much more efficient rigs and their engines, should not have the same problems - particularly if we use weather forecasts carefully.All the books say it is important to get across the Bay of Biscay before the middle of August, in order to avoid the risk of the first storms of the autumn, with June and July being the best months to cross. This is perfect timing for us !!!! As ever, If you’d like to see more photos and movies from our journey, then take a look at our 

The secret of the sea

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“My soul is full of longing for the secret of the sea, and the heart of the great ocean sends a thrilling pulse through me.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow SY Victoria 2015: Sailing from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea!  Just SY Victoria - and the world!

Our plans for 2015: Sailing from Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea

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The sailing season is over, time for maintenance and planning for the next sailing season! Our plans for 2015: Sailing from Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea! Yachts going to the Mediterranean have the choice of using the French river and canal system, water and air draft permitting, or crossing Biscay - feared by many yachtsmen due to its legendary reputation. To a large extent this is a result of ships, in the days of square riggers, being unable to make way to windward having been driven into the Bay by the prevailing westerlies. In addition, the Atlantic swell can build up rapidly near the coast and a number of ports can become dangerous to enter or even inaccessible. Modern yachts, with their much more efficient rigs and their engines, should not have the same problems - particularly if they use weather forecasts carefully. Any helpful tips for crossing the Channel & the Biscay Bay would be gratefully received!!! (Mail: info@  

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