Sailserver Review – check out our feedback

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Sailserver tracks all your sailing activity automatically and makes it easy to share it with your friends. The system is so easy to install and keeps a detailed logbook online. In addition, you can setup anchor alarms, when you leave your boat and get an alert in case the boat will drift. The product was invented by Jorg Ulrich Hansen, a passionate sailor who experienced the demand and build the system. The company is based in Denmark. Installation  The installation is plug and plug. You need to connect the system only to the NMEA2000 bus on your vessel. It will take the power from the NMEA bus and there is no need to add extra power cables. In terms of power consumption, the system will draw 90mA at 12V, which is 1,1W and therefore very power efficient. The system is always online The system is always online and has a build in SIM card. You do not need to worry about connectivity and extra subscription cost. When you buy the product the cloud service and SIM card subscription is included. I installed the system under deck and the system has no connectivity problems. In case you sail to fare offshore without mobile coverage, Sailserver will continue to log all the data on the system and upload the data to the cloud when the system will be able to automatically re-connected. Since the installation is so easy it might be an option to take a Sailserver along on your next charter trip. Here are some details from our first week testing the system - its so easy and great: Registration After you have registered your Sailserver at the system will be online. You will be able to control your recorded data and decide the [...]