Venice: How to do it!

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Buongiorno Venezia! From the moment you step into the sleek, highly polished wooden speed boat at Venice airport or Piazzale Roma, one is transported into an intensely romantic world of eye-watering beauty and cultural infusion. Venice is known as the city of canals. We 🤎 the charm of all things Italian — great food, beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery. But it also feels a bit like stepping back in time….. The Bauer Palazzo gives the perfect taste of Venetian elegance to accompany our stay. Like a jewel on the edge of the Grand Canal, just moments from St Mark’s Square, the Venetian palazzo combines modern luxury with sumptuous hand crafted Venetian fittings and furnishings. The Bridge of Sighs Go INSIDE the Bridge of Sighs – don’t just stare at it from outside How to do it: Instead of sticking with the crowds, take a tour of the Doge Palace and the prisons. Wander through the Bridge of Sighs, take a look out over Venice, sigh and be grateful you’re not off to be beheaded! A visit to the prisons and a walk inside the Bridge of Sighs is included in the tour I took and highly recommend! The bridge is named Ponte dei sospiri because prisoners inside the Doge Palace would walk through the interior of the bridge on the way to their execution in St Mark’s Square. The bridge and the tiny lattice gaps gave prisoners their very last view out over Venice before they died. And that last view is thought to have induced a final sigh at Venice’s beauty, hence the name: Bridge of Sighs. Don’t miss a short trip to a rainbow! Burano, a small fishing island set within the Venetian lagoon, is a carnival of colour ! ENJOY THE MOST COLOURFUL HOUSES IN ITALY…We spent a [...]