Yes, blue water sailing became a love affair for me!

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Long distance sailing is something you have to experience for yourself to truly understand. Nothing I had read fully prepared me for this. The distances and time periods are enormous – measured in 1000's of miles and weeks - and you need to decide on a philosphical approach to the voyage. You can treat it as a giant race and try to get the most out of the boat each day, focusing on goals like miles run or you can do the minimum to keep things moving and lay back and enjoy the relaxing solitude. We love sailing around the world, just for the purpose of traveling. Yes, sailing became a love affair for me! To see the worlds remotest shorelines and the lost islands and do all the adventures one has read and heard of. Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. Long distance sailing is not like taking short trips along the coast. You’ll need a boat that can handle seriously rough water and that’s comfortable enough to be your home for weeks or months, as well as having room to store your supplies. It will need to be a manageable size for your crew but not too large to get into the ports you plan to visit. Other features to prioritise include a sheltered watch keeping position, good engine room access and an autopilot you can rely on at time when conditions are good enough to allow you a break. 2014 we found our beautiful Hallberg Rassy 43 in Germany. Hallberg-Rassy is the number one brand most sailors dream of. There was an opportunity to change a pattern of a live and reach out to make a plan more than a dream. A decision that required to leave many things behind and start something completely [...]