The Dream:

Imagine waking up to a view of the turquoise Mediterranean ocean every morning? A stunning setting with ocean views and blue and natural tones ! 

For those of us who live and sail in colder climates the thought of sailing to, and then cruising the Mediterranean has long held appeal. Miserable winter weather in Germany start focusing the mind on the possibilities of new cruising grounds. 

Picturesque Mediterranean harbours, with rows of gleaming yachts and powerboats moored stern to the quay and bustling colourful restaurants complete the picture. 
It is all too easy to come to the conclusion that THIS would be an enjoyable and worthwhile way to spend a few years.

Living on board a boat in the Mediterranean is NOT the same as a chartering holiday or a good coastal cruise. Holiday cruises and charters come to an end, and the happy event can be mulled over in the comfort of your own home later.

Living on board your boat is a tough option (even in the Mediterranean climate), in practice far removed from the image most people have of it. It truly can be a very satisfying and healthy way of life, but requires commitment and dedication…

If you do decide to try living on your boat and cruising the Mediterranean you’ll have a much better chance of enjoying it rather regretting it (and often losing large sums of money in the process).

Living on board your own boat, and spending lots of time at anchor (either because of the heat or to save money), involves lots of dinghy work and much heavy lugging.

If you want to have a little taster of this, go and get all your shopping by hand from a shop about a mile away, double the weight by carrying a minimum of 8 L of drinking water a day too. Do this on a very hot summer’s day, and when you get back with all that go and do the same again for a gas bottle. Repeat daily for a few months. You’ll get the idea….

It’s absolutely worth it!!!
Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!


All pics taken yesterday on our way from Formentera to Ibiza !