This fear of ruining a carefully-built career has put many people off travelling. In some fields, the fear is warranted but for most of the rest of us, a long-term trip is perfectly possible especially if we spend time on the road cultivating employable skills. 
Here are 5 great ways to do just that:
1. Go somewhere different
There’s nothing wrong with going to the Marquesas Islands, Cartagena , Galapagos Islands….. — going somewhere truly different will demonstrate a number of employable skills: problem solving, confidence, courage, curiosity and originality.

2. Take on freelance work
If you have a specific skill that can be offered remotely (e.g. writing, video-editing, web development), consider taking on some freelance contracts. This not only provides supplemental income but also demonstrates that you can prioritise tasks, meet deadlines and work with people in a professional context.

3. Learn a language
If you combine travel with language learning and practice, you will demonstrate dedication and discipline — two highly employable skills.
It’s unlikely you will become fluent in a year and most jobs won’t actually use your language skills but it’s not the language itself that’s impressive; it’s the time and effort you put into it as well as your willingness to learn.

4. Take on a physical challenge
If you enjoy the outdoors, consider taking on an impressive physical challenge on your travels. This will demonstrate tenacity, determination and resourcefulness — all highly employable skills. Achieving something substantial will provide a tangible reason for your travels and is more likely to win over potential employers in the future.

5. Run a website
A professional blog shows that you can think creatively and work diligently. It showcases your writing and photography skills (if indeed you have them!) and shows that you have a wealth of employable skills: marketing, social media management, search engine optimisation, business development, product management and so on!