Beautiful cliffs and a pink sail!
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La Spiaggia del Buon Dormire beach is is one of Cilento’s top beaches, located on Cape Palinuro in the region of Campania, in a natural place with very picturesque views, among the mountains, surrounded by the cliffs. It is partially covered by trees which give natural shade.

It is a tiny several bays coastline with crystal blue water and golden sand, so you don’t need special shoes.

The entrance to the water is very smooth. Attention! It is partially crowded during the high season….

Buondormire is a safe anchorage where to drop the anchor and stop in wonderful blue waters, near the Natural Arch. It is well-appreciated by sailors for its uncomparable natural beauty and clean sea.

The area offers a good shelter from winds and it is generally quiet at night. It’s not by change that it’s called „Buon dormire“ (sleeping well).

The anchorage post is a sort of pure heaven on earth, surrounded by a rich green vegetation and a wonderful sea.

Cala Bianca (Marina di Camerota)

Some years ago “Cala Bianca Beach“ was voted the „most beautiful beach in Italy“. La Cala is an oasis white, inscribed between two rocky outcrops and lush lapped by clear blue sea, usually light blue, sometimes deep blue (depending on the time of day and the position of the sun).The beach is made of small pebbles rounded, white, who ended up giving the name to the same place.

Ristoro Pozzallo near Cala Bianca
Cala Bianca