Bonjour…. This place feels more European than Caribbean, it’s charm and people are warm and enchanting.

Les Saintes are a group of nine islands six miles off the coast of Basse-Terre. Only two are inhabited, with most sailboats heading to Terre-de-Haut for old-school Caribbean charm mixed with buildings which look like they’ve been transplanted from Brittany.

Les Saintes Bay on Terre de Haut is considered to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world and is best experienced from above – the views over the bay from Fort Napoleon are spectacular. From the top, we could see our anchorage and surrounding islands.

Fort Napoleon sits on a hilltop overlooking town, offering stunning views of Terre de Haut, as well as housing a small but interesting museum.

I loved being able to eat all my favorite French foods – especially after the heavy and deep-fried cuisine of Dominica and I loved hearing the language of love all around me.

I hope Les Saintes continues to stay off the radar for years to come. Because that is why it is special.

If you really want an incredible Caribbean experience away from the big resorts – you should definitely consider Les Saintes. You won’t regret it.

We recommend to explore Le Bourg, Terre-de-Haut’s capital very early in the morning before the day tours from Guadeloupe arrive. Get lost in the tiny alleyways of the Old Town while admiring the colorful gingerbread houses with their gardens and small restaurants. The neighborhood of Le Mouillage, near the harbor, is where you will find many historical buildings and a beautiful beach with pélicans and iguanas.

It is free to anchor, however, you must do so outside of the clear yellow markers in deeper water further from shore. There is a good dinghy dock to go into town. Moorings have been installed in several anchorages: in the harbour at Bourg des Saintes, at Terre D’en Haut,  at the anchorage to the southwest of Ilet a Cabrit and at Pain de Sucre. But at the time we arrived all the mooring balls were occupied.

Les Saintes have a hot and humid tropical climate with average daytime temperatures throughout the year of 30 °C and average nights around 23 °C. We may never leave!

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