Hello from Ali Baba ! Ein wackeliger Holzsteg ohne Wasser und Strom. In der einzigen Taverna gibt es Hausmannskost frisch aus dem Garten und gegrillten Fisch. Wasser-Schildkröten schwimmen gelassen um uns rum. Nix außer glasklares Wasser und Felsen. Diese Bucht ist nur mit Schiffen zu erreichen.

Loryma or Bozuk Bükü is a pleasant anchorage with several coves protected from the meltemi. Overlooking the coves is a large very well preserved Hellenistic castle overlooking the sea. Here the Athenian fleet was sheltered during the Peloponnesian War before the battle of Knidos. Also, in the third century BC, Demetrios Poliorkites assembled a large fleet here for his unsuccessful siege of Rhodes.

Bozukkale is a large bay, lying between points; Kale Burnu and Değirmen Burnu, It indents to the north.

A rock at the entry extend from the point. Drop anchor in 8 – 12 m and get a line ashore. The bottom is sand-weed. The winds blow from the valley behind and send swell in. The water is cool and so clean. You can either accept one of the restaurants’ mooring or anchor off-shore at 8-10 m. The bottom is weed and you should look for a patch of sand to drop the anchor.

You can go and pick up laid moorings tailed to the piers. You can moor if you are taking meal at the restaurants. They produce their own electricty and they bake bread in the morning. They offer stone oven cooked dishes, fish cooked in the famous flambe salt crust, goat, free range chicken and wild boar.

All the vegetables served with your food are grown in their own organic garden found behind the Ali Baba Restaurant. They also bake their own bread which you can buy to take back to your yacht.

Ali Baba is a good place to be if you want to visit the ruins as it’s not too far. The walls of the ancient city of Loryma surround the port. The castle walls cannot easily be identified from a distance because they blend into the rocky cape. A rough path goes up to the castle and it is worth making the hike for the view in early morning or late afternoons.

The impressive defensive walls are cubic chipped stone blocks without mortar. The castle position almost directly opposite the ancient Greek city of Rhodes, lends support to a theory that it was built by Rhodian craftsmen trying to deny the harbourage to enemy fleets. The barren bay of Loryma is a fantastic natural harbour.