Below are my 5 ways to honor and appreciate Mother Nature. 
Most of them involve getting outside. That means you should read these, then ditch your computer, and get to the beach.

When I enter the ocean each time, I put my hands in the water and thank the ocean for allowing me to become one with it. I often say a prayer of gratitude for keeping me safe and for the lessons I will learn from the session.
Walking Barefoot

To me, there’s no better way to ‘feel a place’ than to walk on its raw ground with my bare feet. When we do, we receive Negative Ions from the earth, which are vital to human health. This is our natural battery charger and we just have to utilize it.

I always carry with me a small bag of shells, stones and crystals that I have been given and collected. I feel a sense of grounding and protection through these crystals . If I ever feel confused, disrupted, or out-of-tune, I hold my crystals in my hands and allow their energy to re-balance me.
Sand Therapy

Roll around in the sand and let it cover you from head to toe. I love the practice of feeling the particles of the earth all over my body. Each beach has different sand, yet unanimously the same powerful energy. With gratitude, I treat the sand covering my body as medicine, and I always feel refreshed after rinsing off the Sand Therapy.
Touching Trees

Anywhere we go, we’ll sooner or later find a tree. Trees carry stories, they give us oxygen, they utilize our natural world to live, and provide us life. I love to touch trees wherever I am, and say a brief statement of gratitude. With a deep breath in, I cant help but feel a sense of presence and appreciation for all that is when I’m standing at the base of a tree.
Kisses Biggi from:
Parque Natural Cabo de Gata,