Our plans for 2015: Sailing from Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea

The sailing season is over, time for maintenance and planning for the next sailing season!

Our plans for 2015:
Sailing from Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea! Yachts going to the Mediterranean have the choice of using the French river and canal system, water and air draft permitting, or crossing Biscay – feared by many yachtsmen due to its legendary reputation.
To a large extent this is a result of ships, in the days of square riggers, being unable to make way to windward having been driven into the Bay by the prevailing westerlies. In addition, the Atlantic swell can build up rapidly near the coast and a number of ports can become dangerous to enter or even inaccessible. Modern yachts, with their much more efficient rigs and their engines, should not have the same problems – particularly if they use weather forecasts carefully. Any helpful tips for crossing the Channel & the Biscay Bay would be gratefully received!!!
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  1. sailingaround 21. November 2014 at 11:33 - Reply

    We intend to cross the Bay of Biscay in June 2015.
    We want to start from the Southern coast in England around Torquay direct to Coruna.
    Looking forward to the coast line in Portugal and Spain since we have not been there.
    Hope you will catch some wind in the Med Sea.
    Is it save to leave you boat in Saïdia or are you still on board?
    Fair winds and sunshine….


  2. gubragh 20. November 2014 at 16:11 - Reply

    When do you guys intend to cross the Bay of Biscay ? We did that in june 2013, without any particular problem, from Le Crouesty, south Britanny, to Gijon, Asturias. Took that occasion to visit al the Galician Rias – great places to see and great places to sail. If you plan things carefully, with the correct weather forecast, it's really fine (especially with a boat like yours). And if you love sailing, from Northern Spain to Cadiz and Barbate its 100% pleasure. Since we got in the Med… well… our old Perkins got back to work, he who never had to do more than entering and getting out of a harbor… How about 24h non stop motoring ?
    Anyway, if you have any questions to ask about our "transgascogne", you're welcome, just ask.

    Fair winds,
    the Roz Avel crew, currently wintering in Saïdia, Oriental Morocco.

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