The sailing season is over, time for maintenance and planning for the next sailing season!

Our plans for 2015:
Sailing from Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea! Yachts going to the Mediterranean have the choice of using the French river and canal system, water and air draft permitting, or crossing Biscay – feared by many yachtsmen due to its legendary reputation.
To a large extent this is a result of ships, in the days of square riggers, being unable to make way to windward having been driven into the Bay by the prevailing westerlies. In addition, the Atlantic swell can build up rapidly near the coast and a number of ports can become dangerous to enter or even inaccessible. Modern yachts, with their much more efficient rigs and their engines, should not have the same problems – particularly if they use weather forecasts carefully. Any helpful tips for crossing the Channel & the Biscay Bay would be gratefully received!!!