Beautiful Agropoli

The Cilento Coast is one of the most exciting regions to discover on a sailboat ! From Salerno, sailing south will reveal some „gems“ of the coast such as Paestum, Agropoli, Palinuro, Acciaroli and many others. It’s the perfect combination of culture and natural beauty. We love Agropoli, a place that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cilento, a seaside town rich in history.

A cliff overlooking the sea at the southern end of the gulf of Salerno: Agropoli

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If you love history and archaeological sites, then you should make sure to include in your Italy itinerary a visit to the stunning Greek and Roman archaeological site of Paestum.

Located in Campania, less than 1 hour drive South of Salerno, Paestum is home to three Greek temples of outstanding beauty and to a beautiful museums with unique burial paintings from the V century BC.

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Luciano and his little Bar and Restaurant al Centro storico (Agropoli)