Punta Bianca ⚓️

Punta Bianca – Monte Grande lies in the central area of the southern coast of Sicily and is the eastern limit of the Gulf of Agrigento. This hill of white marl and the abandoned house below it are the most iconic and distinctive landscape elements.

Feeling small…

Punta Bianca Nature Reserve, a wonderful natural landscape characterized by a totally white rock spur that plunges into a beautiful crystalline sea.

It’s amazing how photography can capture just a split second of something exquisite.

From a distance Punta Bianca looks like a large spur of limestone rock in the shape of the prow of a ship that juts out and slopes towards the African sea, creating cliffs, gullies, valleys, coves, and sandy, marl or cobbled beaches. From the top of Monte Grande you can enjoy a superb view.

Drone flight…. Bianca is one of the locations chosen by Gianna Nannini for the videoclip of “Lontano dagli occhi”.

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Scala dei Turchi

Just 1 hour west from Punta Bianco, the brilliant white and weather-formed Scala dei Turchi juts into the sea off Sicily’s southern coast. The rock is irresistible for photographers.

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