Today we find more women who sail either to cruise or race; sailing was mainly a male domain until this last decade.  Our motivations are varied, and we fall into many different categories.

Cruising woman with partners, coastal or blue water adventuring for different lengths of time; a lot of them living aboard and when not at sea most can be found at marinas working to fill up the kitty so they can head out again. 

There are times when the female party is a reluctant sailor doing it more so he can fulfill his dream.

What about You?

If you are thinking of taking up this life of adventure, ………. maybe you’ve met one of the thousands of single male yacht owners and would like to learn more about the cruising life style!

Learn from the experiences of women who sail!

We all have different stories. We come from every corner of the world. 

Be inspired by women who sail ……. the cruisers and the racers!  And if you’re inspired like I was, then the next step is you have to explore how you can learn to sail!