„Why settle for one color when you can have the rainbow?”

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Whether you hear the prayers from the mosque or the scents wafting through the air, laden with sugared fragrance, Marrakech takes you into another dreamy world, which enlightens your senses. Seven days a week, no matter how early your rise in the morning, there’s already somone in the souqs ready to greet you. Marrakech is the original market town and master craftsmen have been working their wonders in the Medina for centuries. But don’t miss 33 rue Majorelle: Marrakech’s most fashion-forward concept store is this large, light-filled emporium opposite the Jardin Majorelle. Here you’ll find the very best fashion, food, shoes, jewellery, accessories and nik-naks from over 60 top Moroccan designers and producers. Take homes include super cool panama hats by André Le Chapelier, suped-up babouche by Sugashoo ( and stylish ceramics by Casablanca based b.boudoua. The shop also sells high quality Moroccan olive oil and wine. 33 Rue Majorelle is Marrakech’s most fashion-forward concept store Address: 33 Rue Yves Saint Laurent, Ville Nouvelle Contact: Opening times: 9.30am-7pm

Marrakech: a celebrity hub! Party with the fashion crowd…

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Morocco is an extremely sophisticated country. With its cuisine, artisans, culture and very refined architecture it’s no wonder Marrakech makes such a strong impression on visitors. The Jardin Majorelle is a dream of bold colors and lush greenery. Deep blues, yellow and mint greens provide a contrast to the over 300 species of plants. Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé discovered the Jardin Majorelle in 1966, during their first stay in Marrakech and later purchased the gardens in 1980, to restore the park to a glorious and colorful space with a museum dedicated to Berber culture in the original painter’s studio. Bring your camera and take your time, don’t rush through the garden. The Jardin Majorelle is a place for contemplation, relax, pleasure and, not least, inspiration if you need to refill your creative jar. Try to go early in the morning before the place gets too crowded and do not forget to visit the Berber Museum in the middle of the garden. This collection of jewelry and textiles from the Berber culture is Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge’s private collection and is exhibited in Majorelle’s former studio. The Curated Cool: The new Yves Saint Laurent Museum Built of terracotta, concrete and an earthen coloured terrazzo with Moroccan stone fragments, the building blends harmoniously with its surroundings. See how the landscape and culture of Morocco inspired one of the most prolific fashion designers of our time. Probably the most photogenic place in Marrakech. If you are in Marrakech, you have to visit “Le Jardin & the YSL Museum“!

Die Medina von Marrakech und ihr Rhythmus.

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Der Kontrast zwischen den Gassen der Medina und dem Inneren der Riads könnte größer nicht sein. Draußen, im Gedränge der Souks, ist es laut, staubig, mitunter stinkt es nach Abgasen. Drinnen ist es angenehm ruhig, peinlich sauber und es duftet – fast als würde die Welt da draußen nicht existieren. Und doch will man sie erkunden, diese Welt da draußen. Diese Welt, die in Marrakesch ihrem ganz eigenen, charakteristischen Rhythmus folgt. Die Ladenbesitzer prägen das Leben in den Souks – Laden sauber putzen, Tee trinken, beten, auf Kunden warten, hie und da ein Schwätzchen mit dem Händler nebenan. Schon nach wenigen Tagen lässt man sich mit ganzem Herzen darauf ein. Aber am Ende ist es die Medina, die Farben und die Menschen die darin leben, die für die unvergleichliche Atmosphäre sorgen. Sind gerade im Spa des Royal Mansour, was uns mehr begeistert hat als das für meinen Geschmack zu große Mamounia. Das Royal Mansour ist ein ganz besonderer Ort, ein Schlaraffenland, wo einem wirklich jeder Wunsch von den Lippen abgelesen wird. Es gibt keine Suiten sondern ausschließlich private Riads. Wir tauchen heute in eine andere Welt ab, wie Prinzessinnen... Den Nachmittag verbringen wir im Riad El Fenn, einem Boutique-Riad in einem traditionellen, ehemaligen Palast mit einem interessanten Concept Store und einer möblierten Dachterrasse mit Pool und Blick auf die Moschee Kotoubia, die nur 5 Gehminuten entfernt liegt. Light lunch für alle Sinne... Mehr Marrakech Tipps hier!

Marrakech – the “Rose City”!

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Marrakech is also known as the “Rose City”, as it is painted practically in entirety with a natural red clay that comes from a nearby city. During the daytime, the city gives off a stunning chaotic salmon pink blend. As the sun sets, the pink hue appears to darken in color and provides the ultimate romantic setting. With a bohemian charm and an ancient heritage that has been preserved over hundreds of years... I love the old world charm, stunning patterns and textures—endless inspiration in terms of art and design! I knew the minute we started planning our trip that I wanted to stay in a riad (a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard) in the heart of the medina. Check out the Riad Dar One!

Essaouira means “little picture” in Arabic, and it’s a painter’s dream location, with a vibrant blue-and-white “medina”

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Bright and breezy Essaouira, on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, is an enchanting, laid-back alternative to the frenetic melting-pot of Marrakesh. The town’s name means “little picture” in Arabic, and it’s a painter’s dream location, with a vibrant blue-and-white “medina” (inner walled city), enclosed by fairy-tale, sand-coloured ramparts and imposing stone gates (“Babs”). Beyond the colourful port, rolling waves and a wide buttery beach stretching for miles complete the canvas. What if we take you with us beyond the beach of Essaouira to the hidden parts of this ancient coastal city into the heart of the medina? From designer goodies to kite-surfing, Morocco’s windy city is worth the trip! My biggest regret going to Essaouira is that I didn’t bring an empty suitcase. The walled medina in this brilliant Moroccan city has a smorgasbord of shops with hand-crafted and stylish interior goodies. I would have filled that empty case with woollen carpets, light fixtures and hand-painted ceramics for a fraction of the price you’d pay at home. Of course, there’s more to these spice-scented lanes than shopping. The medina is the buzzy heart of Essaouira, retaining a traditional Arabic character. But beyond it, a long, sandy beach is a playground for kite- and wind-surfers. Known as the ‘Windy City of Africa’, the lashing Atlantic wind can make sunbathing uncomfortable, but the beach, and its colourful sunsets, can be enjoyed on horse or camel back.

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