Tiwal first Impressions

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*Advertising After our extended winter sailing break - we can’t wait to go sailing again.We are so exited that our new sailing fun addition - Tiwal arrived. Since sailing on our nearby lakes was not permitted due to Corona, we started to unpack and rigg the Tiwal boat for the first time at home. This was so easy and for the first time it takes a little longer since some configurations remain in place. After the look down here in Bavaria we had the opportunity to sail on lake Starnberg for the first time. Unlike our new Swan Ambra, Tiwal fits in every car! Dream big pack small is the slogan from Tiwal. Unlike our new Swan Ambra, which is now on the way from Finland to France, you do not need heavy transport equipment such us Sleepy yacht transport.We looked for an inflatable dinghy to be carried on our new Swan and discovered Tiwal in the media and the Boot Duesseldorf show. While cruising we spend a lot of time on anchor and wanted something fun to discover the area around us. Sailing is our favorite way and sustainable as well. Form factor while packed, weight and sailing pleasure are our main criteria and Tiwal 2 seems the perfect fit.The setup ashore was easy and the air pump is powered by a battery. The battery will last to inflate and deflate the vessel. To reach the full pressure of the hull, you need to top up the pressure with a manual pressure pump.We tested the first time Tiwal in very light wind and cold water nearby at lake Starnberg. However, it is so much fun and convenient to sail. The sailing vessel will get to speed with little wind and I did not get any water inside, which is [...]