About transition and the beauty of nature!

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Nature: It's pure magic, and we get to experience it front row, every single day. The peace and beauty of nature. The ocean, wildlife, magnificent sunsets, the ever so changing weather- we're part of it all by living in the midst of it. The raw and unforgiving ocean doesn't make things up or pretend, it's just there, does what it's always done and will do so till the end of the days. There is something extremely relieving with living in a natural and unpretentious world like that. It is what it is, no one is ever going to change that. I love that thought. The purity of it. The sun will get up and give you light each morning, the water will carry you across oceans if you're conscious enough. Nature is a source of life. We are all in same boat! Nature is a source of life and every one of us is in a transition right now! We think life is going to be linear, and we are completely unnerved when it’s not. We’re comparing ourselves to an ideal that doesn’t exist and beating ourselves up for not achieving it. And the pandemic has made this problem only worse. What’s unique about this moment with this pandemic is that for the first time in a century, the entire planet is going through the same lifequake at the exact same time. According to author Bruce Feiler, these big life transitions have three phases: (1) the long goodbye, when you mourn the old you; (2) the messy middle, when you shed your old habits and create new ones; and (3) the new beginning, when you unveil your fresh self. Three phases of life transitions It’s essential that you don’t go through transitions by yourself. Share your experience with others — [...]