Known as the “Jewel in the Crown” of the Southern Grenadines, Tobago Cays Marine Park comprises five picture-perfect, uninhabited islands surrounded by a clear lagoon. Small beaches of white sand blend into luminous clear water.

North Star on the left, Ambra on the right!

There are two main anchorages in Tobago Cays. The first is on the north side of the reef. There are mooring buoys and places to anchor between two tiny islands. The anchorage is, however, open to the full force of the ocean winds, which are sometimes strong.

You can anchor just west of Petit Rameau, in the cut between Petit Rameau and Petit Bateau, to the north or south of Baradel, or between Baradel and the other islands.

Here, you’ll find sea turtle nesting sites and feeding areas, small systems of mangroves, and the most well-developed coral reef complexes in St. Vincent. Swim with the resident turtles, snorkel around the almost 2.5-mile-long Horseshoe Reef, or simply relax on a magnificent white-sand beach—each island has at least one.

If kite surfing is your thing, the Tobago Cays are an excellent destination to tear across the water behind the protection of the reef and with the steady trades in your kite.

Arrange for a beach barbeque with one of the local boat boys! (Romeo is our favorite!)
Dancing on the beach after Dinner

If you don’t find the boat boy vendors, they’ll find you. They can help you out with most anything you need: supplies, ice, quick trip to one of the other islands, etc. Just ask and they will probably figure out a way to make it happen for you.

Vendors that sell shirts, food, etc are limited to Petit Bateau at the north beach.

The reef

Many specialize in beach barbeques and will be happy to arrange it for you. There may not be a better combo than fresh spiny lobster, cold beer, and an epic Caribbean sunset on the beach.

Tobago Cays is a national park. Park fees are currently $10 EC per day per person, which rangers come to collect. Moorings are available for $45 a night. Superyachts should call in advance for advice on where to anchor.

There’s really very little negative that I can say about Tobago Cays.

Our only issues are currently very strong winds and the arrival of some catamaran flotillas.

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