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Meet Biggi and Torsten, an adventurous German couple hailing from Munich. Their love for each other and their shared passion for exploration and adventure have steered them on an incredible journey aboard the Nautor Swan 48 named SY Ambra. They sailed across the Med, crossed the Atlantic and discovered the Caribbeen Sea.

The enchanting tale began in the quaint northern German town of Laboe, where Torsten’s purchase of the 43-foot Hallberg-Rassy Yacht, SY Victoria, marked a significant chapter in their lives in late 2013. After a two-year sojourn in the Baltic Sea, the duo’s yearning to traverse the world’s oceans ignited. They charted a course through the North Sea, down the Atlantic coast, and into the Mediterranean. The next chapter unfolded in autumn 2019 when they bid adieu to Victoria, which found a new owner from Italy.

Biggi, the Marketing Manager, who embarked on this maritime journey without prior sailing experience but an insatiable yearning to explore the world. Born in Germany and later residing in Italy, her passions encompass skiing, travel, and the written word. Biggi lends her voice to SY Ambra’s story, skillfully curating their adventures through captivating blogs, tweets, and social media posts. A connoisseur of life’s offerings, she dabbles in activities from cooking and styling to photography, weaving a rich tapestry of experiences.

Torsten, a quintessential engineer with a global footprint – from Germany to Australia to London, is also an avid sailor since childhood. With his keen engineering acumen, he adeptly tends to all things mechanical on their vessel, earning him the role of the crew’s capable „captain.“ His diverse interests span from marathon running and sailing to being the life of the party on the dance floor. An adoring father of three, Torsten thrives on challenges and problem-solving.

Their collective philosophy is beautifully encapsulated in their mantra: „The best way to make your dreams come true is to put the sails in position to catch the wind.“ As they continue their odyssey across the Atlantic aboard the Swan 48 AMBRA, Biggi and Torsten inspire and connect with a global audience, sharing the essence of living out one’s dreams.

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