Bahamas: It’s all ours to explore!

Yesterday we arrived in Long Island Bahamas after a trip of more than 230 NM from Provo, Turks and Caicos.

We left the Caicos Banks with just 1m under the keel –it was an adrenaline-pumping sail!

Caicos Bank

Think of the Caicos Bank as a 60-nm wide, circular, reef-fringed atoll. Water depths on the Bank run from around 6 meters/20 feet to 0 MLW. Proven transit routes carry about 2.4 meters/8 feet. Much of the Bank remains unsurveyed. Whatever the skill level, the prudent sailor will ensure that visual navigation is employed when transiting Turks and Caicos. This means daylight travel only and in sunlight and good weather facilitating bottom reading. The navigation aids are not always reliable and shifting sands and submerged rocks and reefs are just some of the hazards. Tide highs and lows are close to Nassau high and low tides.

Sailing the azure waters from Turks and Caicos to Long Island, 🏝️Bahamas at 9/10 knots speed, wind 💨 20 knots , 26 hours fueled by delicious chicken, tomato, and greek cheese wraps crafted by our awesome friend Anette.

The captain Torsten at the helm, who stayed awake the whole night, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable journey.

Happy to be here!

The Bahamas are made up of nearly 700 islands, most of which remain uninhabited. It is sometimes difficult for us to leave beautiful places and set out again and again.

But there always remains the expectation of getting to know new and beautiful places. And almost always that is true, especially in the Bahamas. In the afternoon we reached the entrance of Calabash Bay at high tide.

Looking out over the sea, it is hard to believe that it is just a narrow channel leading into the bay with sufficient draught. With 1.20 m of water under the keels, we dropped anchor in clear water that has a sensational colour even without polar goggles.

The sand on this beach was like walking on powder. Paradise….

Living the blue water cruiser life on aboard our Swan48 sailboat anchored in front of luxurious homes offers breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. Soaking up million-dollar views without the price tag. Secluded anchorages make every moment on the water priceless.

Beach bar vibes at Chat ‚N‘ Chill Georgetown, where feeding stingrays is just part of the chill-out experience.