Hallberg Rassy 43 Victoria
Amorgos Greece
10 years living part time on board

Dear Husband and Captain Torsten,

I can hardly believe it’s been ten years since that memorable day when you acquired your beloved sailing yacht, a Hallberg Rassy 43 named Victoria. It feels like just yesterday when we embarked on this incredible journey together.

The adventures we’ve shared aboard Victoria are etched in my heart forever. Sailing from the serene Baltic Sea to the vibrant shores of Turkey was a dream come true. The memories of those azure waters, starlit nights, and the joyous laughter we shared on deck are treasures that time can never fade.

Victoria, with her graceful lines and steadfast presence, became more than a vessel; she was our sanctuary and companion on the open sea. The countless sunsets we witnessed, the tranquil anchorages we discovered, and the warm hospitality we received in distant ports all became a part of our story.

In 2019, we made the bittersweet decision to part with Victoria, selling her in Greece. While it was a difficult farewell to a faithful friend, it marked the beginning of a new chapter in our sailing adventures.

Now, we find ourselves sailing our lovely Swan 48 named Ambra in the Caribbean. The turquoise waters and balmy breezes of this tropical paradise have brought a fresh dose of excitement and serenity to our lives. Ambra, like Victoria, has become our trusted companion in exploring the beauty of the world by sea.

As I reflect on these past ten years, I am grateful for the journey we’ve taken, the vessels that have carried us, and the unwavering bond we share. Here’s to another decade of thrilling voyages, tranquil moments, and new horizons, all aboard our beloved Ambra.

May the wind always fill her sails, and may our hearts forever find solace in the gentle rocking of the sea. Thank you for sharing this remarkable journey with me, both as my beloved husband and as the captain of our dreams.

With love and gratitude,


Victoria in Turkey