How to approach Varadero Marina, Aruba with a monohul?

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The blog article is for monohul sailors approaching Varadero Marina on the ABC Island Aruba. Main problem approaching the marina is the water depth, because the maximum draft is 2,35m on high tide. We have entered Varadero Marina successfully and are very happy to stay at the safest place in the Caribbean to store boats during hurricane season. Please check out our upcoming article „Why did we choose Varadero Marina“ - coming soon. You will need to make a reservation, because the marina is popular and normally fully booked for the hurricane season. Please find all information about the marina on the website and welcome book I highly recommend to read all information carefully before you approach the island Aruba and download all relevant informations. Regarding all the details and reservations please contact Capt. Paul, he is the best contact. He is so helpful, great customer orientation, great sense of humor and he speaks English and French. By the way, this is already one judge benefit of visiting Aruba und staying at Varadero Marina, you get real commitments, great response time and clear statements unlike many islands further north. The Varadera Marina team is very professional, helpful and straight forward. You will find the contacts details, Email address and phone number on the Varadero Marina website. You can call the marina on VHF channel 69 as well. Before you enter the marina you have to sail to Barcadera Marina first with your boat to clear customs and immigration. The immigration procedure is standard and you will not have to pay no service fees. The online ED card is mandatory for all travels to Aruba, you find the Link here. The custom officers might want to visit your boat and asking if you carry any drugs or weapons. The authorities [...]