The Amalfi coast and Positano is one of our favourite places & we honestly can’t get enough!

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Perhaps one of the most iconic honeymoon spots in the world! Pair stunning architecture, seaside views, exquisite cuisine and even better wine and you have the perfect recipe for romance. Positano is postcard worthy..... it looks like something out of a dream. The vibe in this tiny village is entirely different than the seaside towns that dot the Mediterranean, but it is just as romantic. The Church is located between the village with it's postcard small streets and the beach ...Let's talk breakfast now. In Italy the typical breakfast is a cappuccino and croissant. If that's your thing, go for it. I personally enjoy a nice healthy breakfast with eggs and veggies. The best place to get your breakfast fix is Casa e Bottega. Everywhere we go now, we wish there were a Casa e Bottega. This is also not just a breakfast place as it's our go to lunch place as well. For breakfast you can get a nice omelette and for lunch enjoy a great salad. It's easy to eat healthy in this cafe. Their desserts are also very tempting, so it's a good place to cheat a little bit, haha. They even have gluten free desserts. Other great restaurants that I recommend in Positano are:  (reservations are a must)Next2 - this is a more modern restaurant that is ran by the same owner of Casa e Bottega. The food is fresh and made out of quality ingredients. Casa Mele - this is also a more modern restaurant. It's fairly new restaurant that is run by a very passionate young chef. Truly great food with a modern twist.Le Sirenuse Hotel Restaurant - best breakfast with the best view of Positano. It's quite pricy, however we think it is worth it. They have a great buffet of local fruits and veggies, salads, pastries, etc.....and please [...]