After 3 month living on Ambra!

We spent 9 years sailing in Europe exploring the Baltic and North Sea, the UK, Spain and Portugal two years, France and Italy the next, Greece and Turkey after that, South Italy and Malta another year. It was bliss.

Coffee first! before it’s getting crowded…
It’s time to escape the crowds… Next stop: Menorca/Mallorca/ Ibiza

Currently we are sailing around the south coast of Sardegna and it’s end of July. It’s time to escape the crowds… It’s already crowded and very hot. Until end of August we will stay in Munich and KITZBÜHEL with friends and family. We will come back to Sardegna and we will meet some dear friends to sail together to 🇪🇸 Spain. Next stop: Menorca/Mallorca/ Ibiza!

Capitano Torsten❤️1700 nautical miles and 102 trips this year on Ambra !


The beaches are beautiful only in the morning

Escaping the summer crowds in Europe is easy. If you can, avoid summer and travel off-season!

After 10 am the charter yachts are coming and we lift our ⚓️

August is beach month for locals as well as tourists, so while Europe’s star destinations of Paris, London, and Rome are busy year-round, more local cities, such as Madrid, Munich ❤️and Milan empty of tourists in August when residents de-camp to the beach.

Costa del Sud, Sardegna

If you can handle the heat and the fact that the very best restaurants will be closed, this is a fantastic time to experience the cities that locals leave for the seaside. Just be sure to do as the locals do: head out in the morning, take things easy during the hottest part of the day, linger over lunch, head back to the hotel for a long siesta, then go out in the evening when the temperatures drop and the streets are livelier. BUT PLEASE AVOID EUROPEAN BEACHES IN AUGUST and the sweltering heat and heaving crowds that go with it!

Last Sunrise….
Mega Yacht Lady Moura