ARC 22 – we are so excited!

The ultimate plan is to cross the Atlantic this year so although we could spend a lifetime in the Mediterranean!

The earliest time for our Atlantic crossing from the Canaries along the NE trade wind route is after the middle of November, as such a departure ensures that landfall in one of the Caribbean islands is made in early December at the beginning of the safe winter season.

Spring/Summer 22: Our route from Tuscany to Sicily to Mallorca

The majority of round the world voyages undertaken by cruising sailors are sailed from east to west for the very good reason that such a route benefits from mostly favourable conditions. With good planning the prevailing wind systems will ensure that most sailing will be done in trade wind conditions, and the timing also avoids being in a critical area during the tropical storm seasons.


Check out our route 🧭

Gibraltar-Madeira-Gran Canaria-St.Lucia
It’s all about choosing the right route!