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About us!WE, Torsten and Biggi are a german couple from Munich whose love of adventure, exploration and for each other took us on a long journey on a 43-foot-Hallberg-Rassy Yacht called SY Victoria.Every beginning holds it's own magic. And it all started in a small northern german town Laboe when Torsten bought the boat (End of 2013). We spent a summer in Neustadt in Holstein (Baltic Sea) and Denmark and we decided that we wanted to take Victoria  out on a journey across the oceans of the world.We are so excited about our first long distance trip to the Mediterranean Sea! Torsten is a typical engineer and he loves projects. Born in Germany, moved to Australia for seven years, later to London for three years. He met Biggi in Austria 2009. He'd been sailing since he was a boy.  With his sharp engineering mind, he can fix anything on a boat an he is the "captain" of our crew. Activities/Interests: Running, sailing, skiiing, travel, biking, riding his motorbike, marathon, laughing, being the first on the dance floor, finding solutions, being a dad for three wonderful children. Biggi is a Marketing Manager and had no prior sailing experience but an innate lust and a need to continue exploring the world. Born in Germany, moved to Italy for three years. She'd been skiing since she was a girl. She is the voice of Victoria  and does all the blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, and social media marketing so that others can find us! Activities/Interests : Reading, writing, running, sailing, skiiing, travel, biking, cooking, styling, taking pictures everywhere, learning by doing, being a mom for a wonderful son. The best way to make your dreams come true is to put the sails in position to catch the wind! As ever, If you’d like to see more photos and movies from our journey, take a look at our https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hallberg-Rassy-Yacht-Victoria Our awesome wedding cake by Alma Pasteles! #justmarried"The only way to get a good [...]