Now, have you heard of an anti-bucket list? It could also be called “things I would like to avoid at all costs.”

My new anti-bucket list:

*Wait until the right time to sail the world!

You can always find an excuse not to go somewhere. But if you wait until retirement to sail away, you may have to contend with rotten knees and bad backs — or you might not make it at all.

*Equate busyness with a productive life:

Having a packed calendar 📆does not mean you have a productive, meaningful life. When a pandemic forces you to empty your schedule, you can suddenly see how unnecessary some of those meetings were.

*Ignore your health:

You know that it is vital to move your body every day, but it is easy to find excuses. 

*Bungee jumping!

I thought I was going to die and then once you realize you’re ok you go all the way back up to fall again, terrifying.

*Get a tattoo:

It’s hard enough to pick out a hairstyle or new set of glasses that I know will affect how I look for months/years to come.

*Visit tourist attractions during peak season in Italy:

I lost my mind on an hourly basis. The crowds have no mercy.

*Hang out with toxic people:

Don’t hang out with people who always complain and are cynical about life. 

But what about your “anti-bucket list”? 🤎🍂🙏 Please comment below ⬇️

„Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.“