Summertime…. Finally!

*Ad / Buona Domenica a tutti. It’s time for a delicious summer brunch on the boat !!!

We discovered this unbreakable, turquoise tableware with a unique style!

My absolute preference for dishes and plates on the boat – is melamine. Harmony is an #unbreakable tableware designed by Marine Business (Colour: blue lagoon…. Love it!)

Shades of blue

Outfitting your galley, whether you are dockside 50% of the time or a hard-core cruiser – means picking the proper dishes and glassware for safe, easy, enjoyable meals. On board our our floating home Ambra we need unbreakable materials with a chic touch. For me the ideal nautical #tableware has to be ultra strong, safe and easy to store.

Dinner on bord (Giglio)

The plates ( Marine Business ) are made of high density melamine, are break resistant and dishwasher safe.

We love the simple and elegant design and the appearance of porcelain. The glasses are beautiful, #easytostore, resistant to shock and unbreakable.

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La cena è pronta!

Per i nostri amici italiani ⬇️:

Una barca deve essere comoda, performante e sicura. A bordo, però, non possono mancare comfort e tutti i complementi d’arredo per renderla accogliente come una vera e propria casa galleggiante. Per la nostra barca Ambra abbiamo scelto questa bellissima collezione. ➡️ Marine Business

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