Without Sicily, Italy creates no image in the soul: here is the key to everything.



Make no mistake. Sicily gets under your skin. The largest island in the Mediterranean is a part of Italy but it has a unique character of its own.

Sicily is where natural beauty meets humanity in an incredible melting pot of cultures, landscapes and cuisine.

Sicily is Italy condensed into a heady mix of sun, natural beauty and ancient history but with its own flavour and rhythm. 

This soul and passion belong to its citizens. The Sicilian people we met were warm, generous, spirited and helpful. 

The Sicilian style is a stunning mix of fashion and high quality fabric made in Sicily. 

Many women wore Sicilian lace dresses for their wedding in several areas of the world. The Sicilian fabric also was the first important decoration  used in the wedding dresses by Sicilian women in the early decades of the past century. Hand made bags  are one of the many proofs of the creative Sicilian style. 

Throughout Sicily, you notice the colourful Maiolica or Majolica Italian tin-glazed pottery everywhere. On church floors, as shop signs and as colourful heads. There is quite a gory story or legend about the heads with the moral being to never slight a Sicilian girl.  

Our time in Sicily left us wanting to explore so much more. On the list: Catania, climb Etna and Trapani. And of course, a trip to Ortigia.

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