Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Mother Nature surprises you!

Now and then, Mother Nature brings me to my knees, and shows me that while I may have seen a lot of her violence and her beauty in my lifetime, I haven’t seen it all!

We dropped anchor in the tranquil embrace of Bahia San Lorenzo, a haven that grants access to the awe-inspiring Cave (Cueva de la Linea) nestled within the enchanting Haitises National Park.

In the morning the bay unfolded its charm—a fusion reminiscent of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and Ko Pi Pi in Thailand.

Haitises National Park, a treasure trove of natural wonders, unveils its uniqueness through the symbiotic dance of mangroves, the rugged karst landscape, and the captivating islets. These islets are impressive: rocks 30-40m high, coming out of the sea and covered in lush vegetation and rice fields. Some scenes of Jurassic Park were recorded here in Los Haitises, and we can see why. It really is like a lost world.

Navigating through a short dinghy trip beneath the sprawling canopy of big shady mangroves, we discovered that Los Haitises boasts the largest mangrove forests in the Caribbean.

As our boat gracefully glided through secluded bays and islands, we were joined by a graceful entourage of frigate birds and pelicans, nature’s companions accompanying our maritime odyssey.

A brief walk of just 20 minutes led us to the doorstep of a hidden gem: Paraiso Cano Hondo, a sanctuary where the elements harmonize, offers a retreat into a magical world.

This amazing eco-lodge is surrounded by many waterfalls, which are flowing right through the property, creating many natural swimming pools. You can cool down in these pools, enjoy the refreshing water, take stunning photos and find your private spot. 

A truly magical place.

Rice field walk back to our dinghy
In the Dominican Republic, an average zucchini and papaya are so big, they could tackle in a German football match! #SizeMatters