Last week we set our course across the mystical Mona Passage to SAMANA BAY (DOM REP). With 150 nautical miles ahead, (22 hours of sailing) the Mona Passage demands our full respect and attention.

With anticipation, our sails catch the Caribbean breeze, guiding us to the Bay of Samana. The thrill of witnessing humpback whales in their natural habitat becomes the heartbeat of our adventure.

Isla Mona, nestled proudly in Puerto Rico’s embrace, unveils depths beyond a thousand meters, guarded by the notorious „Hourglass Shoal“ near the Dominican Republic, warning of challenges like „Tide rips and heavy swells.“

Surprisingly, the undersea extension of the Dominican Republic’s east coast, shaped like a horizontal hourglass, defies expectations. It reveals depths on both sides, marking the border between the Caribbean Sea and the vast North Atlantic.

Night sailing brings a unique charm, but do you ever feel a hint of fear when navigating the open waters in the dark? Share your thoughts below!

As sailors, our focus extends beyond navigating treacherous waters; it embraces the vibrant marine life. The Bay of Samana beckons, promising encounters with humpback whales. Every year, up to 2,000 of these gentle giants grace these waters, turning it into a breathtaking spectacle.

Entering Samana Bay at sunrise, we were captivated by the beauty of the Dominican Republic and delighted to witness 8 whales dancing in the morning light. An enchanting start to a day filled with ocean wonders.

Torsten after 20 hours
Arrival Samaná Bay

Docked at Puerto Bahia Marina in Samana Bay—where every boater’s dream is met. From accommodating vessels up to 150 feet to full-service amenities, 2 Restaurants, wifi, mini-market, gym, and 2 infinity pools. A sailor’s haven with the perfect blend of luxury and convenience. Highly recommend making this marina your port of call!

From morning gym sessions to exploring cigar factories and waterfalls with new friends, and perfect marina sundowners – all these moments are truly priceless.

Sundowners in the marina
Beautiful Marina
Cigar Fabric
Awesome tour with new friends
Happy to be here!