First, character does matter. Good captains possess a stable nature, are at ease in their own skin and are comfortable with delegating responsibilities. Some decisions are difficult to make, and secure captains know how to balance the vessel’s needs above the desire to be liked.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, smooth seas never made a skilled sailor. Being exposed to difficult situations is the path toward competency and is a necessary component of a captain’s character. In addition, a good captain possesses an ongoing commitment to training, proficiency and staying up to date on the whole gamut of on-board topics. Other people’s safety depends on that commitment.

A conscientious captain values precruise planning, carefully assesses overall readiness to leave the dock and considers options. An experienced and well-trained captain is uniquely qualified to maintain the big-picture view of competing priorities, such as weather, time, vessel fitness and suitability, crew ability, budget and more. Anyway…….. ⬇️

Floating with friends on board (Elba)
Yesterday: Over the rainbow 🌈
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