What Should I Pack?

Minimising what you bring is essential when sailing. You know what they say: “Pack half the amount of clothes and double the amount of money.” While the latter half of this may not be possible, the former most certainly is. And you will seriously thank yourself for it. Not sure what to pack? Check out: The Ultimate Packing Checklist.

Keep in mind that you’ll probably be wearing the same outfit every day, which will essentially consist of shorts, a t-shirt, a swimsuit and flip-flops. But be sure to also bring the following items:

  • Enclosed shoes – You’ll need something non-slip for walking around the boat and also a decent pair for exploring local towns, National Parks and enjoying outdoor activities.
  • A hat – One that actually fits.
  • A jumper – While days on the water will be beautifully warm, it can get quite cold during the evenings, so bring something to stay cosy in.
  • One evening-wear outfit – It’s likely that you’ll be heading into at least one coastal town during your sailing trip, so bring something nice to get dressed up in.
  • A towel – One for the beach and one for the showers!
  • Toiletries.
  • Your camera – But keep in mind that salt water will get everywhere. So make sure you bring a decent case or, even better, an underwater one!
  • Chargers and adapters.
  • Prescription medicine – Ensure your medicine is in its clearly marked original container to avoid any confusion when passing through customs, and always have enough on hand for a few extra days in case of travel delays or lost luggage.
  • A small flashlight – You’ll thank us when it’s 12am and you’re crawling through a dark, crowded cabin trying to find your pyjamas.
  • Some first aid items – Although most sailing vessels have a fully equipped first aid kit on board, make sure to bring a small pouch full of all the necessities, such as band aids, antibacterial cream, aspirin, seasickness remedies and a small can of bug spray
  • Sunscreen and don’t forget to bring sunglasses and a tight-fitting hat!!!