The straight of Bonifacio!

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The inlet of Bonifacio in Corsica is one of the most spectacular natural harbours in the Mediterranean. Situated at the head of a deep fjord, the berths are protected from winds coming from any quarter. The town is divided into the Haut Ville, the old town built on a defensive promotory overlooking the sea, the citadel of which dates back to the 9th century, and La Marine, the area directly adjacent to the inlet, which houses the port facilities. The town takes its name from Boniface II, ruler of Tuscany, who built the first citadel here to protect the southern limit of his domain from Saracen pirates. Bonifacio is the closest harbour to the Italian island of Sardinia and is an enjoyable place to wait for the winds to die down before crossing the Strait of Bonifacio.

Guess who’s back to Corsica, baby!!

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Corse is naturally stunning and a great place to catch some chilly summer sun! For many, Palombaggia is the finest beach on the entire island. Its location in the south of Corsica hosts a number of great beaches, but overlooking Palombaggia during your Corsica holiday is a big mistake. The same can be said for Santa Giulia Beach, a remarkable curve of sand that wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean.Hi, San Ciprianu ! Awesome, large crescent-shaped sandy beach, set in an idyllic undeveloped location backed by pines and red rocks.If you need more convincing... here are some places to

Korsika: Summer time, and the livin’ is easy.

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Schippern gerade in Korsikas schönsten Buchten herum, im türkisgrün schimmernden, glasklaren Wasser. Die schönsten der Insel liegen rund um Porto-Vecchio ganz im Süden der Insel. Weniger bekannt aber mindestens genauso schön sind die Strände im Südwesten: Propriano, Campomoro und Porto-Pollo warten mit romantischen Stränden und kleinen Buchten auf.Ein fast endlos langer Strand ist die Ostküste der Insel von Bastia (La Marana) über Moriani-Plage, Ghisonaccia und Solenzara. Wir haben leckere Sachen eingekauft und machen erstmal Boat Yoga....


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