Good news! Ambra is nearly ready and she’s waiting for us in Finnland for delivery. Unfortunately all the borders are closed because of the virus and while the number of Coronavirus cases keeps in increasing, it does so at a lower pace. Most recently, it took seven days for the number of infected persons to double in the German capital. Before, it doubled in less days. This good news item does not mean the crisis is about to end, but that the ‘contact ban’ and other measures that were taken in Germany seem to be showing their first expected effect.

We will get through this together. Love and hope is what gets us through. In these times of social isolation, we all take a moment to slow down and reflect.

We try to stay positive and keep on planning your next sailing trips. Thankful to be quarantined with my husband and captain. We all have to find a routine that makes us happy. We try to find peace in the simple things and stay positive.

I believe we can grow closer in the end, finding each other in this crisis. Let’s distance ourselves from each other today so that we can embrace each other more warmly tomorrow.

Because of this quarantine, we have bonded with and supported each other in ways that I’ve never experienced!

Stay home and stay safe everyone!

We keep on planning our first sailing trips to Italy… bacione Biggi

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Love at first sight ♥️