„Trust the magic of new beginnings.“

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Sailing across the Atlantic in the tradewinds is one of the biggest adventures in sailing. In most cases, the crossing is the culmination of years of planning and preparation. We are living in Germany and Austria but we are planning to live on board most of the time. We are still working and our goal has been to have a boat as a “mobile office and Hotel” for ourselves, family and friends, and sail across the Atlantic. We are still working out the best gear and preparation for undertaking the adventure. Whether you have a large yacht or a small one, you can do it, and we hope our tips help you winnow the things you need from those you could do without. From weather forecast information to safety equipment, running watches to provisioning or even crew selection, we’ve got some top tips for you. And it will be continuously updated each week with more, so check for the latest information. Our current plan is to leave Tuscany end of April and sail across the Atlantic with the ARC 2022. The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, also known as the ARC, is an annual transatlantic rally which was first run in 1986. Arc 22 !!! The original ARC, starts in November in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and ends in Rodney Bay, St Lucia before Christmas. Then we will potter around the Caribbean for a year or so and, if all is going well, go through the Panama Canal into the Pacific and continue round the world. Stay connected, beautiful people!

About transition and the beauty of nature!

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Nature: It's pure magic, and we get to experience it front row, every single day. The peace and beauty of nature. The ocean, wildlife, magnificent sunsets, the ever so changing weather- we're part of it all by living in the midst of it. The raw and unforgiving ocean doesn't make things up or pretend, it's just there, does what it's always done and will do so till the end of the days. There is something extremely relieving with living in a natural and unpretentious world like that. It is what it is, no one is ever going to change that. I love that thought. The purity of it. The sun will get up and give you light each morning, the water will carry you across oceans if you're conscious enough. Nature is a source of life. We are all in same boat! Nature is a source of life and every one of us is in a transition right now! We think life is going to be linear, and we are completely unnerved when it’s not. We’re comparing ourselves to an ideal that doesn’t exist and beating ourselves up for not achieving it. And the pandemic has made this problem only worse. What’s unique about this moment with this pandemic is that for the first time in a century, the entire planet is going through the same lifequake at the exact same time. According to author Bruce Feiler, these big life transitions have three phases: (1) the long goodbye, when you mourn the old you; (2) the messy middle, when you shed your old habits and create new ones; and (3) the new beginning, when you unveil your fresh self. Three phases of life transitions It’s essential that you don’t go through transitions by yourself. Share your experience with others — [...]

Sailing across the Atlantic in the tradewinds

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ARC 22 - we are so excited! The ultimate plan is to cross the Atlantic this year so although we could spend a lifetime in the Mediterranean! The earliest time for our Atlantic crossing from the Canaries along the NE trade wind route is after the middle of November, as such a departure ensures that landfall in one of the Caribbean islands is made in early December at the beginning of the safe winter season. Spring/Summer 22: Our route from Tuscany to Sicily to Mallorca The majority of round the world voyages undertaken by cruising sailors are sailed from east to west for the very good reason that such a route benefits from mostly favourable conditions. With good planning the prevailing wind systems will ensure that most sailing will be done in trade wind conditions, and the timing also avoids being in a critical area during the tropical storm seasons. Mallorca-Gibraltar Check out our route 🧭 Gibraltar-Madeira-Gran Canaria-St.Lucia It’s all about choosing the right route!

We are 50000! That’s a big number.

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50.000 followers on Instagram makes me realize how blessed I am and how many of you share our passion. We know that the moment you chose to click on the "Follow" button you decided to be part of our sailing community. We thank you for this. Believe in yourself cause everybody else does. Sometimes we are our own enemy and stop ourselves from growing. Every day, every day we wake up, we need to tell ourselves that we matter. Realize there are people you inspire to greater heights! This one worked. It's truly ancient wisdom, as Ovid wrote it: “Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force, but through persistence.” Thank you for coming along for the ride, sharing your stories, and engaging with us! Hop over to Instagram

Venice: How to do it!

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Buongiorno Venezia! From the moment you step into the sleek, highly polished wooden speed boat at Venice airport or Piazzale Roma, one is transported into an intensely romantic world of eye-watering beauty and cultural infusion. Venice is known as the city of canals. We 🤎 the charm of all things Italian — great food, beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery. But it also feels a bit like stepping back in time….. The Bauer Palazzo gives the perfect taste of Venetian elegance to accompany our stay. Like a jewel on the edge of the Grand Canal, just moments from St Mark’s Square, the Venetian palazzo combines modern luxury with sumptuous hand crafted Venetian fittings and furnishings. The Bridge of Sighs Go INSIDE the Bridge of Sighs – don’t just stare at it from outside How to do it: Instead of sticking with the crowds, take a tour of the Doge Palace and the prisons. Wander through the Bridge of Sighs, take a look out over Venice, sigh and be grateful you’re not off to be beheaded! A visit to the prisons and a walk inside the Bridge of Sighs is included in the tour I took and highly recommend! The bridge is named Ponte dei sospiri because prisoners inside the Doge Palace would walk through the interior of the bridge on the way to their execution in St Mark’s Square. The bridge and the tiny lattice gaps gave prisoners their very last view out over Venice before they died. And that last view is thought to have induced a final sigh at Venice’s beauty, hence the name: Bridge of Sighs. Don’t miss a short trip to a rainbow! Burano, a small fishing island set within the Venetian lagoon, is a carnival of colour ! ENJOY THE MOST COLOURFUL HOUSES IN ITALY…We spent a [...]

Autumn feels well and truly on his way… It’s time to get out the new accessories!

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*Advertising My #crossbodybag in cognac is my perfect Autumn accessory. This trend forward belt bag is perfect for a woman on the go! Gabriele's belt bag is my perfect companion! Gabriele Frantzen has been a European fashion fixture for over 20 years. We know each other for over 25 years and she’s always been an inspiration for me. Gabriele has been captivated by the power and influence of well-chosen accessories all her life. With the aim of giving every woman an individual and personal touch, she designs accessories that can be worn uncomplicatedly to all looks and stand for elegance and coolness. Gabriele Frantzen My essentials.... Gabriele's trend forward belt bag is my perfect companion from day to night! Paired with the wider, multi-colored strap the “Belt Bag” can be worn cross body perfectly. It holds more than your phone, your wallet, your keys and gives every outfit an extraordinary look! My fave color is the cognac! What’s yours? My essentials.... Belt Bag - Scarab Cognac/ Fabric: Italian leather & Raffia Bag Weekender Hamptons indigo + water Belt Bag & Raffia Bag, Gabriele Frantzen Now is the time to add a handmade raffia bag to my daily life. The roomy “Weekender” for grocery shopping, office days, travels... and the cosy crossbodybag for my wallet and my phone. Raffia is a 100 % natural fiber made from Raffia palm leaves and is fully recyclable. Gabriele’s bags are hand-crocheted by skilled artisans in Madagascar. Follow Gabriele Frantzen on Instagram Checkout for the full colour range and pick a colour that fits your mood.

Let’s create your Anti-Bucket List!

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Now, have you heard of an anti-bucket list? It could also be called “things I would like to avoid at all costs.” My new anti-bucket list: *Wait until the right time to sail the world! You can always find an excuse not to go somewhere. But if you wait until retirement to sail away, you may have to contend with rotten knees and bad backs — or you might not make it at all. *Equate busyness with a productive life: Having a packed calendar 📆does not mean you have a productive, meaningful life. When a pandemic forces you to empty your schedule, you can suddenly see how unnecessary some of those meetings were. *Ignore your health: You know that it is vital to move your body every day, but it is easy to find excuses.  *Bungee jumping! I thought I was going to die and then once you realize you’re ok you go all the way back up to fall again, terrifying. *Get a tattoo: It’s hard enough to pick out a hairstyle or new set of glasses that I know will affect how I look for months/years to come. *Visit tourist attractions during peak season in Italy: I lost my mind on an hourly basis. The crowds have no mercy. *Hang out with toxic people: Don’t hang out with people who always complain and are cynical about life.  But what about your “anti-bucket list”? 🤎🍂🙏 Please comment below ⬇️ "Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth."

Boat maintenance starts from keeping it clean.

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Don’t use high-pressure cleaners! Wash your teak with fresh or salt water using only a soft brush! Teak decks are one of the solutions for marine or boat decking. They also have practical benefits too. Such as:- • Anti-slip – they are a great safety feature as the teak wood is naturally rough and therefore is anti-slip under pretty much all weather conditions. • They also provide a good insulating effect on the interior of the yacht as well as keeping the temperature of the deck itself fairly cool in hot temperatures. Correct teak deck maintenance is an important aspect of any yacht care program and looked after correctly a teak deck will last for many many years. Wash your teak deck frequently as you would with any deck with fresh or salt water using only a soft brush. Don’t use high-pressure cleaners, they will blow out the soft wood component of the teak leaving ridges and will force you into prematurely sanding your teak decks. Don’t use hard brushes or household cleaning solvent as again these can hurt the soft surface. 🙏Choose your cleaners responsibly! We’re all lovers of the sea, that’s why we should do our share in protecting it. It’s important to choose environmentally friendly cleaners in cleaning off your boat. Stay away from chemically strong cleaners when cleaning your boat’s exteriors. When washing, avoid throwing soap water and other chemicals in the ocean!!!

8 Ways You Can Live the Mediterranean Lifestyle

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We love are the Mediterranean culture. One of the more popular references to living in the Mediterranean are summed up with a popular saying: “Live Healthier, Happier, Longer.” No doubt, these are daily objectives for which each of us strive and there is both theoretical and practical proof that this Mediterranean moniker has inherent value. Capoliveri Anchorage, Elba Generally speaking, individuals who live in the Mediterranean follow eight simple principles: • Eat Healthy and local • Be Hungry (for life, in life) • Be stylish without too much effort • Connect with and respect nature • Find Time to Relax • Laugh Often • Enjoy Life and Simple Things • Stay Physical Active Many images are conjured up when you mention “The Mediterranean Lifestyle”: diet, pristine beaches with crystal blue water, simplicity, healthy living and much more. These days, most people associate the Mediterranean Lifestyle with eating a certain way… but there is so much more that, of course, includes food.  In reality, the Mediterranean Lifestyle is more about a way of living, interacting with others, history, culture, the importance of comradery, pride and social interaction. You are what you eat Everyone wants to jump on the Mediterranean diet bandwagon when they hear about the benefits it has and the results it creates. There’s quite the variety of items on the Mediterranean food pyramid, so calling it a “diet” almost seems absurd. There are no food restrictions in the Mediterranean diet, which makes it a prime choice for those looking for a manageable diet to start. Tonno salato e verdura Fish and seafood are a staple in the diet, typically with rice and grains or a chopped salad. There are also lean proteins like poultry—but in moderation. Fresh vegetables, raw nuts, and lentil soup are also on the menu. Tartare [...]

What Makes A Good Captain?

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First, character does matter. Good captains possess a stable nature, are at ease in their own skin and are comfortable with delegating responsibilities. Some decisions are difficult to make, and secure captains know how to balance the vessel’s needs above the desire to be liked. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, smooth seas never made a skilled sailor. Being exposed to difficult situations is the path toward competency and is a necessary component of a captain’s character. In addition, a good captain possesses an ongoing commitment to training, proficiency and staying up to date on the whole gamut of on-board topics. Other people’s safety depends on that commitment. A conscientious captain values precruise planning, carefully assesses overall readiness to leave the dock and considers options. An experienced and well-trained captain is uniquely qualified to maintain the big-picture view of competing priorities, such as weather, time, vessel fitness and suitability, crew ability, budget and more. Anyway…….. ⬇️ Floating with friends on board (Elba) Yesterday: Over the rainbow 🌈 Follow me on Instagram! 💋💋💋 Thank you for following us!

Autumn in Tuscany: Let’s slow down the pace

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Autumn in Tuscany means good food, great wine, and gorgeous colours. It’s the autumn light, that make you love being alive in Italy! Che spettacolo…..Magic is happening, the light is glowing so softly ! Marina di Scarlino Colours, flavours and emotions! Besides being the harvest season - just think about the olive and grape harvest, mushrooms, truffle and chestnuts – it is also the ideal season for those looking for romantic landscapes. Elba End of September is the time when fall really starts to roll in. That means comfortable temperatures for sightseeing, exploring the countryside, engaging in outdoor activities, and even sunbathing on the coast. Autumn in Portoferraio is a sustained color explosion. What a lovely surprise! Yesterday evening we discovered our beloved Hallberg Rassy 43 Victoria (now: Mogador) in the Marina. We were happy to see her her in great shape and save mooring! Timeless Beauty HR43 ! A very emotional moment 🤎🤎🤎 Food porn

Corsica/ Sail & Hike: Von der Cala di Palu zum Capo Rosso

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Capo Rosso Cala Palu Corsica anyone? This beautiful hike to Capo Rosso is just the right length and difficulty, with spectacular views in every direction. You can see the ocean on both sides. It was about 6 km /3 hours trip, with a steep climb at the end. I was huffing and puffing but we scrambled up like mountain goats. We started early (6am!) because of the sun! Don’t forget to bring water! Eine spektakuläre Tour führte uns heute morgen von der Cala di Palu auf einen Genuesenturm auf einem über 300 Meter hohen Felsen am Capo Rosso. Früher Start zum Capo Rosso Der Aufstieg auf den Felsen mit leichten Klettereinlagen durch eine Felsrinne stellt jedoch höhere Anforderungen. Auf den Felsplatten orientierten wir uns an Steinmännchen. Nicht alle Trittspuren führen ans Ziel….. Unser Ankerplatz Cala di Palu Auf der ganzen Tour (3Stunden) bieten sich tolle Ausblicke auf das Meer und die Küstenberge. Ein traumhaftes Erlebnis, bitte unbedingt nachmachen! Bitte Wasser und feste Schuhe nicht vergessen. Next stop: Scandola Scandola is located on the west coast of the French island of Corsica, within the Corsica Regional Park. The reserve was established in 1975. The park and reserve has been recognized by the United Nations as a Natural World Heritage Site, and was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1983.Strange rock formations emerge from the crystal clear sea in the Gulf of Girolata, and the coastline is peppered with jagged inlets and caves. Scandola, das Naturschutzgebiet liegt gleich in der Nähe vom Capo Rosso! Always beautiful but especially so later in the afternoon, as the rocks catch the setting sun. Set against the blue of the sea and sky, the colours and shapes are an extraordinary sight.


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The windy days are over…. Bonjour Corsica. We arrived yesterday evening from Sardegna (50 nm) and we are ready to discover the west coast of Corsica! A curious name, almost alarming, for a natural wonder. Located at the entry of the gulf of Ajaccio, the Iles Sanguinaires archipelago is composed of four porphyry islets of a dark red which gives them their emblematic name. Another remarkable feature of the site, is the Iles Sanguinaires' lighthouse, dating back to 1870, which is built on the highest point of the Grande Île (Large Island), at 80 metres above sea level. An old semaphore can be found further south. It marks out the south-western coast of Corsica and the entry to the gulf of Ajaccio. The Îles Sanguinaires and their lighthouse received a visit from a special guest: Alphonse Daudet who stayed on the Grande Ile in 1863. This obviously unforgettable stay inspired him to describe “ the Sanguinaires lighthouse ” in “ The letters from my mill ”: “ Just imagine a reddish island and of savage aspect; the lighthouse at one point, an old Genoese tower at the other where, during my time, an eagle nested. Lower down, at the edge of the water, a ruined lazeretto, invaded everywhere by grasses; then, ravines, scrubland, large rocks, wild goats, small Corsican horses roaming with the wind in their manes; finally, up above, in a swirl of sea birds, the lighthouse with its platform of white masonry, where the guards walk at length, the green door with a lancet arch, the small cast iron tower, and above the large faceted lantern which blazes in the sun and shines its light even during the day… Here is the Iles Sanguinaires, as I saw it last night, whilst listening to my snoring pines. It was in this enchanted island [...]

Stintino: La Pelosa macht bella figura!

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Einmal rund um Sardinien ist geschafft! Wir sind jetzt in Stintino, siehe blauer Punkt 🔵 Im Nordwesten Sardiniens liegt das kleine Hafenstädtchen Stintino. Bis 1988 gehörte es noch zur Stadt Sassari, seitdem ist die Gemeinde mit rund 1500 Einwohnern unabhängig. Ich war schon als 11jährige mit meinem Eltern hier und jetzt ankern wir vor der berühmten „Pelosa“! Toll… La Pelosa mit unserem Ankerplatz im Hintergrund! Über Italien hinaus berühmt gemacht hat Stintino vor allem sein Bilderbuchstrand La Pelosa mit seinem kristallklaren Wasser und dem feinen weißen Sand (ca. 2 km von Stintino entfernt). Schieferfelsen schützen den Strand vor großen Wellen. Yachten schaukeln den ganzen Sommer am Horizont gemütlich auf und ab. Heute fegt ein ziemlicher Wind über den Strand und ich schaffe es nicht vom Dinghy aus wieder auf das Heck von unserer Ambra zu kommen. Ambra tanzt auf den Wellen. Der Sturm aus Deutschland soll kommen, also entschließen wir uns 2 Tage einen Liegeplatz in Marina di Stintino zu buchen und mit dem Scooter die Gegend zu erkunden. Es gibt in Stintino mehrere super Restaurants und einen tollen Interior Shop mit tollen sardischen Handtüchern und Kerzen. 1-2-3 meins! Ohne Scooter geht hier nix! Stintino Schwertfisch Carpaccio Früher lebten die Bewohner der Halbinsel von Stintino von der Fischerei, heute hat die Reisebranche Einzug gehalten und in den Sommermonaten quillen Strände und Feriensiedlungen hier förmlich über. Einmal mehr plädiere ich an dieser Stelle für das Reisen in der Nebensaison. Langsam naht der August…. Der Strand Le Saline Le Saline Durch Zufall entdecken wir den farbenprächtigen Strand Le Saline an einem ausgetrockneten Salzsee. Wie an vielen Stränden findet sich auch hier ein ehemaliger Wehrturm, ein Torre. Der Strand ist mehrere Kilometer lang und geht nahtlos in den Strand Ezzi Mannu über. Eine Thunfisch-Fabrik wurde hier zu einem Club-Hotel umgebaut. Die alten Fabrikgebäude [...]

Asinara – Azzurri immensi!

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Azzurri immensi Ankern verboten 🚫, nur im Bojenfeld! Es ist spannend! Bis 1997 waren hier auf Asinara verurteilte Mitglieder der Mafia gefangen, darunter Raffaele Cutolo und Salvatore Riina. Während des Ersten und Zweiten Weltkriegs war sie Kriegsgefangenenlager. Auf Grund der damals grassierenden Malaria überlebten nur wenige der Gefangenen. Die Wächter lebten in Cala d’Oliva und brachten Pferde, Kühe, Ziegen, Schafe, Mufflons und Wildschweine auf die Insel. Dinner auf der Ambra Cala d’Oliva Da es kaum Eingriffe in die Natur gegeben hat, ist die Pflanzen- und Tierwelt gigantisch. Wir liegen in der Cala Oliva direkt vor dem ehemaligen Gefängnis und machen am Morgen eine Wanderung zu den einsamen Stränden Cala Sabina und Cala Giordano. Wundervolles Wasser und feinster Sand…. Cala Giordano von oben Cala Sabina Die gesamte Insel ist daher zum Nationalpark erklärt worden und man darf nur an ganz wenigen Bojen anlegen, die man vorab reservieren muss. Der Name der Insel könnte vom sardischen Esel (auf italienisch asino) stammen, der hier als Albino mit weißem Fell und blauen Augen lebt. Sonnenaufgang Cala Giordano Um den langen Umweg um den nördlichen Teil der Isola Asinara zu vermeiden, benutzen wir die anspruchsvolle Fornelli-Passage. Es handelt sich um den Durchlass zwischen der Nordseite der Isola Piana und der nördlich gelegenen Isola Asinara. Südlich der Isola Piana gibt es auch einen Durchlass, aber die Wassertiefe ist für Yachten nicht ausreichend. Fornelli Passage 1,50 Tiefe unter Ambra Die Fornelli-Passage ist ebenfalls sehr flach. Richtet man jedoch den Kurs exakt an den Peilbaken aus, hat man immer mindesten 3m Wassertiefe. Es gibt ein Baken-Paar für die Einfahrt in die Passage (egal welche Richtung) und ein Paar für die Ausfahrt. Kann man beim Einfahren das nächste Bakenpaar in Deckung bringen, wechselt man den Kurs auf das neue Bakenpaar. Im Hintergrund die Einfahrt zur Fornelli Passage Fornelli Passage [...]

Alghero: A walk on the ramparts at sunset is worth the whole trip to Sardinia

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Our drone shot: Alghero Marina Ciao #Alghero, sei bellissima! Walk around the historic center leaving the sea behind your back is one of the first things to do in Alghero. The beautiful old town is worth a thorough visit to admire the architecture of the churches, the cobbled streets and small houses. A walk on the ramparts at sunset is worth the whole trip to Sardinia! With its 44,000 inhabitants, it is the 5th largest city of Sardinia. Alghero is the island’s main harbour town and one of its best-loved cities for the popular walkway along the port’s bastions, the red roofs that touch the sky and the gorgeous natural bay that flows into the emerald sea. The shoreline is some 90 km long and known as the Coral Riviera, home to a major colony of the finest coral. Mercato di frutta e verdura Chiesa di San Francesco We watched a classical piano concert in the evening in the open courtyard of this gorgeous church and had a wonderful evening. It is an amazing setting to be in while watching incredible musicians playing while the courtyard fills with wonderful classical music, we highly recommend it! Dating back to 1360 and rebuilt in the late 16th century, Chiesa di San Fracesco is one of the greatest examples of the Gothic-Catalan style in Sardinia. Original Catalan-Gothic parts can be seen over the high altar, the presbytery chapels and the San Sacramento Chapel. The building is made of stone and is characterized by its bell tower from the first half of the 16th century We left the Marina of Alghero at 10 am towards Capo Caccia and we crossed the gulf of Alghero in less than an hour. Passing the huge vertical walls of the cliffs of Capo Caccia. Huge cliffs plunging into [...]

Carloforte: Mattanza und der rote Thunfisch

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Wir sind auf der Isola di San Pietro angekommen und liegen direkt vor der Altstadt (in der malerischen Marine Sifredi) im absoluten Thunfisch-Paradies. Der Rote Thun von Carloforte ist der am meisten geschätzte der Welt. Wir verbringen den ersten Abend im besten Thunfisch-Restaurant (Al Tonno di Corsa) und genießen das feine Degustations-Menü um bloß nichts bin der Vielfalt der “cucina” zu verpassen. Auf unsere Frage “Kommt Ihr Thunfisch wirklich nur aus der Gegend hier?” bekommen wir eine echt spannende Erklärung. Hier ist das Handwerk der Mattanza noch nicht verschwunden und es dreht sich alles um die Historie des Thunfisch-Fanges. Dass sich hier auf der Isola di San Pietro die stärkste Thunfischergemeinde bildete, ist kein Zufall. Denn die Carlofortini sind ethnologisch gesehen keine Sarden, sondern Nachfahren ligurischer Korallen- und Thunfischer, die im 16. Jahrhundert aus Pegli bei Genua nach Tunesien auswanderten sind und sich Mitte des 18.Jahrhunderts auf der Isola di San Pietro niederließen. Schon die Nuraghier, die Ureinwohner Sardiniens, haben mit dem Meer vor allem eines verbunden: Angst. Denn es stand für Fremderoberungen und Unterdrückungen. Die „Tonni di Corsa’, mit ihrem roten, fetten Fleisch kommen jedes Jahr in großen Schwärmen vom Atlantik, um ihre Eier hier im warmen Mittelmeer abzulegen. Ihre Routen, die sie in Schwärmen zurücklegen, sind vorhersehbar. Entdeckt wurde dies vor 3000 Jahren und noch heute mit der selben archaischen Technik wie damals ein Teil der Tiere mit einer mehrere hundert Meter langen Netzwand, die wie ein gigantisches „T“ dicht vor der Küste liegt, abgefangen und in Richtung offenes Meer geleitet, wo sie der reusenartige Eingang eines mehrzelligen Kammersystems schluckt. In der letzten Kammer, der camera della morte, werden sie bei der mattanza mit einem Bodennetz mit reiner Muskelkraft bis kurz unter die Wasseroberfläche gehoben und ohne motorisierte Hilfe mit Haken und Seilen an Bord gehievt. Die Riesenmakrele [...]

Riesige Düne-Landschaft und Slow Food in Porto Pino

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Wie in der Karibik oder besser? Rosa Strand Wir ankern inmitten der wilden, unberührten Natur Sardiniens und staunen. Porto Pino ist eine einzigartig lange Bucht mit weißem Sandstrand, wo die starken Kontraste zwischen dem Blau des Meeres, dem Grün der Bäume und dem Weiß der Dünen fast karibisch erscheinen. Das Wasser ist so türkis, klar und man kann vom Segelschiff nur an zwei markierten Stellen mit dem Dinghy an den Strand fahren. Das Ristorante Luna Beach ist echt schön und bietet mittags tolle Gerichte mit Bottarga und Muscheln. Unendliche Lagunen Luna Beach Pranzo Ein gestrandetes Flüchtlingsboot? Hier in der Gegend findet man wirklich die schönsten Küsten in ganz Italien und hat die Chance an vielen weiteren Stränden zu ankern. Die bekanntesten sind in Teulada, Capo Spartivento, Chia und Pula, aber die Südküste ist auch ein atemberaubender Küstenabschnitt mit schroffen, kantigen Felsen, die von kleinen, sandigen Buchten unterbrochen werden. Alte spanische Türme steigen von fast jedem Felsvorsprung auf mit Blick auf eine Landschaft voller intensiv grüner Pflanzen und türkisfarbenem Meer. Tolle Felsen Übrigens: Der weiße Traumstrand, an dem nur von Ende Juni bis Ende September gebadet werden darf, liegt in einem militärischen Sperrgebiet. 16 Antipasti Am Abend kam dann die große Überraschung! Direkt hinter dem Strand, in der schönen Lagune, fanden wir ein außergewöhnlich gutes Fisch-Ristorante mit feinstem Degustationen-Menü. Wir haben 16 Gerichte probiert…. einzigartig! Bitte unbedingt ausprobieren…. Ein Geheimtipp : La Pescheria Hier die Adresse, unbedingt reservieren!La PeschieraVia della Peschiera, 19,09010 Sant'Anna Arresi Tel.: 0781967018 Unser Dinghy-Parkplatz in der Lagune vor dem Restaurant! Ambra hat vor Anker auf uns gewartet!

South of Sardinia: Spiaggia di Chia and beautiful Tuerredda beach

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Chia Anchorage This island idyll is a must-see: The sea here is such a perfect shade of pale blue it doesn’t seem real. Caribbean-coloured waters, gorgeous beaches stretching for miles and miles. Sugar-fine sands. Grandstand views over the Mediterranean Sea. Majestic dunes, masterpieces of nature, forever whipped by the warm winds of the southern Sardinian summer. Lagoons. Migrating birds. Flamingos. Beach bars and great food. South Sardinian food is exotic and colourful, Africa is just 120 NM away. Enjoy delicious grilled mutton, seafood and fruit, taste delicious cow and sheep cheeses, such as Pecorino, or spaghetti with bottarga. Chia:Club Nautico The sea had now turned into a darker blue, and yet the sun on the horizon would cast this striking orange light over its surface . We didn’t do much, nor talk much at this point. The scenery did it all. Among all the Chia's beaches this is probably the most beautiful! A half moon of striking beauty. This little gem is right in the middle between the beach of Su Cardolinu and Cala del Morto. Chia beaches It is possible to take a tour of many of the beaches of this area alternating between a walk and a swim. Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible. As the pandemic gradually comes to an end, we're starting to refresh our life.Let’s try something new, from sports to language learning or just learn to capture your next trip with a 360- degree camera…. The ANCHORAGE Tuerredda beach (Spiaggia di Tuerredda), located on the headlands of Capo Spartivento, certainly deserves a spot on the top ten list of most beautiful beaches on the southern coast of Sardinia. Located just west of Perda Longa and Sa Pinnetta and near the beach of [...]

Cala Goloritzé and Cala Luna: Caves and shades of blue!

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Anchorage in front of a cave! Nature is a powerful teacher of presence. Notice the natural flow and the peaceful environment. Notice how everything is as it should be without force…. Cala Goloritzé Cala Goloritzé was formed in 1962 as a consequence of a landslide that detached from a sandstone wall. This is not a sandy beach as you may imagine – instead of sand, you will find endless, minuscule white pebbles that make it completely unique. The pinnacle A 143-meters pinnacle rises above it and to the south there is a rock arch that many enjoy climbing to then dive in the clearest, bluest waters you can imagine. Do bring your snorkelling goggles, ease into the water and take a swim, spot some fish – the water features unbelievable shades of blue and green. Cala Goloritze is just another example of what Sardinian paradise looks like, and little compares with the uniqueness of this spot. It should be no wonder that Cala Goloritze was elected a UNESCO site in 1995, and definitely is one of the best snorkeling beaches of Sardinia. Cala Luna Cala Luna's beach: A sand tong 800 metres long, a white crescent moon with 6 huge caves, opening themselves on the beach crowned by an oleander forest preceded by a fresh water pond. The beach can be reached via sea, by boat, such as the boats departing from the nearest tourist ports (Cala Gonone, Santa Maria Navarrese and Arbatax). For trekking enthusiasts, the beach can be reached via a difficult trail (suitable for real experts), leaving from Cala Fiuli (Dorgali) or from Baunei. Because of its unusual beauty and wild charm, it was chosen as the setting for the film entitled 'Swept Away' by Lina Wertmuller, with Mariangela Melato and Giancarlo Giannini, an Italian cinema cult [...]

Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach) on Budelli: A wonder of nature

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Buongiorno a tutti! An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day….. The Pink beach on Budelli Island owes its name to the colour of its sand, rich with tiny fragments of coral, granite and shells. Its spectacular colour is derived from a pink microorganism that inhabits the posidonia meadows and lives inside the shells. When it does, the shells are washed ashore and ground by water and wind. You will find yourself facing clear waters that lap against reddish foreshore and, to your back, the Mediterranean vegetation displays the colours and scents !!!! (heavily scented macchia, juniper, lentisk, myrtle and arbutus) of a paradise on earth! Insta360 picture Budelli, an oasis of wild nature, has been a private property since before the national park was created, to which it was assigned in May 2016, after an unsuccessful purchase attempt by a tycoon from New Zealand. It is located slightly to the south of Razzoli and Santa Maria, the two islands of the archipelago closest to the Bocche di Bonifacio. It covers 12 kilometres of coast and an uncontaminated territory of 25 hectares. The beach lost its original pink colour a long time ago and the access ban in force for 20 years has not helped to improve the situation. The microorganisms responsible for the special colour that makes the beach famous all around the world seem not to want to come back. If you drop the anchor in the cove next to the pink beach, you can go ashore with a tender and get the famous beach after a short walk on a wooden raised walkway. Strictly protected and widely admired, the Spiaggia Rosa inspired also the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, who in 1964 located there a scene of his first color movie called “Deserto Rosso”. Can’t get [...]

Holt Euch das Meer nach Hause: Ankerherz

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*Werbung Ich bin schon sehr lange ein großer Fan von Deutschlands größter maritimer Seite Ankerherz aus Hamburg. Interessante Bücher mit Geschichten von Seglern, ausgefallene Geschenke und Produkte rund ums Meer finde ich hier immer wieder. Die Shirts und Hoodies sind klasse und super weich, haben tolle Motive und kommen mit ganz viel “maritimer“ Seele zu Dir nach Hause. Heute haben wir unsere bildhübschen Crew-Shirts erhalten, schöne Tassen waren auch dabei und die Geschirrtücher sind eigentlich viel zu schön um sie gleich zu benutzen. Deshalb benutze ich sie erstmal als Tischläufer. Holt Euch das Meer nach Hause und stöbert mal hier! Idee?: Es gibt auch ein Set mit Aufklebern der Motive, die klebe ich gerne auf Notizbücher und verschenke sie mit Widmung. Übrigens: Alle Produkte sind fair und nachhaltig produziert, handbedruckt und werden mit Liebe verpackt….. das gefällt mir sehr! Liebe Grüße aus Korsika! Aufkleber Set ! Red roughy, das Motiv hat es mir angetan…

Cellar in the Sea: Terre di Talamo wines aged under water

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Our social life is booming again and yesterday we were invited to celebrate a special event. Terre di Talamo with Bethany The sea in front of Talamone will become for one year the cellar for the aging of Talamo, the top red wine of Terre di Talamo, a Maremma winery of Bacci Wines group: 9,000 bottles on the seabed, at a depth of 35 meters (39 feet), where at a constant temperature of 16 degrees they will complete their aging process. 9000 bottles are ready to go! More than a fashion, by now, the aging of bottles in the depths of the sea, has become a trendy enological practice, but also capable of guaranteeing interesting results, as told by the many examples around Italy and Europe. The reasons, technically speaking, are pretty simple: constant temperatures, darkness and the motion of waves provide the perfect conditions for the aging in bottle. “Not only the constant temperature allows us optimal conditions for aging - explains Marco Bacci, owner of Terre di Talamo - but also the rolling of currents we are sure will benefit our wine. This is what I noticed after some years of storing bottles of red wine in the bilge of my sailboat, where at the tasting we noticed sensorial characteristics in the wines clearly improved”. Passion is energy! Terre di Talamo is a special place, we love the wine and the warm welcome of Marco and Bethany. Grazie mille per questa giornata meravigliosa! A proposito …… Pesca sostenibile e salute del mare: Paolo il pescatore Ieri mattina ho incontrato Paolo a Talamone! La sua battaglia è diventata un libro! Una vita dedicata al mare e alla salvaguardia dell’ecosistema contro la pratica della pesca a strascico illegale. Kisses from Talamone, Tuscany

Anchoring your vessel – no problem!

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Fetovaia is the perfect anchorage! The beach is one of the most fascinating and photographed beaches of Elba Island because of its nature and its stunning turquoise waters. All of you seasoned sailors know that sailing is not just about sailing, good food and good company, but also about exploring nature. Finding those emerald green and secluded bays where you can dive, swim or read a book without being bothered. But to really enjoy the view of the sun setting behind the ocean without anxiety, you must be absolutely sure you have anchored your vessel securely. Of course you can always spend the night in a marina or tied up to a buoy, but we all know that is no fun. There are no marinas or buoys in those hidden bays… Probably the most important piece of information you will need is a good weather forecast. It will dictate the bays in which you will be able to safely put your head to rest. If the forecast seems to be alright, pick a bay that is sheltered from the predicted wind (and consequently waves). For inexperienced sailors we advise against anchoring if the forecast predicts 20+ knot winds. low from an unpredicted direction. Make sure your anchor is well set and you have put out a sufficient length of chain. EQUIPMENT Make sure you do not pick a bay with depths greater than 18 meters. Now let’s get ready to anchor. Before entering the bay make sure your boat tidied up and all pathways are without obstacles, the dingy is either stowed or tied up to the side of your vessel. Most vessels have an electric windlass (anchor winch) for anchor operation. Make sure you know how to operate it. Try it out before entering the bay, and leave it [...]


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Summertime…. Finally! *Ad / Buona Domenica a tutti. It’s time for a delicious summer brunch on the boat !!! We discovered this unbreakable, turquoise tableware with a unique style! My absolute preference for dishes and plates on the boat – is melamine. Harmony is an #unbreakable tableware designed by Marine Business (Colour: blue lagoon…. Love it!) Shades of blue Outfitting your galley, whether you are dockside 50% of the time or a hard-core cruiser – means picking the proper dishes and glassware for safe, easy, enjoyable meals. On board our our floating home Ambra we need unbreakable materials with a chic touch. For me the ideal nautical #tableware has to be ultra strong, safe and easy to store. Dinner on bord (Giglio) The plates ( Marine Business ) are made of high density melamine, are break resistant and dishwasher safe. We love the simple and elegant design and the appearance of porcelain. The glasses are beautiful, #easytostore, resistant to shock and unbreakable. Check out all the products La cena è pronta! Per i nostri amici italiani ⬇️: Una barca deve essere comoda, performante e sicura. A bordo, però, non possono mancare comfort e tutti i complementi d’arredo per renderla accogliente come una vera e propria casa galleggiante. Per la nostra barca Ambra abbiamo scelto questa bellissima collezione. ➡️ Marine Business ?from ??

Wilma & Louise: An empty sailboat is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author!

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Buongiorno, amici! Buongiorno, carissimi amici! Hi! Be inspired! *Ad We are back on our sailboat Ambra in Tuscany and I’m happy to show you finally our new interior style by Wilma &Louise! In love with Wilma & Louise Yoga time on Ambra New Pillows and this beautiful Yoga mat can transform any sailing boat (even the most beautiful ones!) into a magical place that invites peacefulness and relaxation. Beautiful Yoga Mat with magic grip Having breakfast on Ambra with our lovely outdoor and indoor cushions in soft earthy colors is great. Colors for me are the smiles of nature…… Wow……All these pillows are incredible soft and cozy! (They are jacquard woven in 100% organic cotton and have dimensions of 50 x 50 cm) New towels! I’m currently absolutely thrilled with my new Yoga Mat with magic grip and interior friendly design. (100% natural rubber with a surface layer in microfiber ) Check out! Wilma & Louise has designed a unique, beautiful and environmentally friendly yoga mat. #sundowneryoga Time for an upgrade in your bathroom or maybe preparing for the sailing season with some new towels? We transformed our boat to a warm savanna with these towels (100% Jacquard woven fabric in thick cotton, 600g/m2) Match with a beautiful blanket in the same design! Check out all the products ➡️Wilma & Louise and be inspired on Instagram

Life is like a swing, moving up and down, just hold it tight and enjoy the ride!

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Portoferraio: Unser Liegeplatz im Hafen Insta360, mein neues Spielzeug! Wir alle brauchen jetzt tief empfundene Lebensfreude. Wenn wir jetzt in die Natur schauen und sehen wie alles massiv aufblüht, dann erblüht auch unsere Aufbruchsstimmung, unsere Kraft und eine neue Leichtigkeit. Hier auf Elba bemerke ich dies besonders bei den jungen Erwachsenen. Sie wollen die Rückkehr zu wahrer Freude und einfach nur weg von den schlechten Nachrichten. Die neue Leichtigkeit! Bar in Portoferraio “Mordisco” Freude scheint sowieso neben der Liebe das Grundlebenselixier des Menschen zu sein. Um mit Mitgefühl anderen zur Seite zu stehen, denen es momentan so schlecht geht, brauchen wir jetzt ein freudiges „Ja•Yes•Si “ zum eigenen Leben und Vertrauen in die Kraft der Liebe, die jedem von uns innewohnt. Entscheiden wir uns doch jetzt bewusst für die Liebe an unserem Leben, besonders gut geht das hier in der Toskana. Mehr über diese Aufnahmen auf Instagram! Mercato Follonica Update für alle Segler: Die Einreise nach Italien von München aus ist absolut problemlos verlaufen. Wir hatten einen aktuellen Corona-Test dabei, den aber nur die Österreicher sehen wollten. In Italien hab es keine Grenzkontrollen und wir haben zur Sicherheit in der Toskana noch einen Test gemacht, die Bestätigung haben wir immer dabei. Wir sind bis jetzt noch nicht kontrolliert worden. Endlich wieder unterwegs.... Ambra Segeln ist erlaubt. Die Hygiene-Regeln werden hier überall eingehalten, Märkte, Läden, Restaurants und Bars sind alle mittags und abends geöffnet, aber nur im Außenbereich. Es ist herrlich. Chartern ist möglich, große Auswahl an Schiffen gibt es in der Marina di Scarlino. Freude! Der Hafen von oben! Sunset am Hafen Insta360Video

Why a Swan 48? Find here the answers to all your questions!

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We were so excited and couldn’t wait any more after the extended winter period for our new sailing dream a Swan 48, SY Ambra. Swan kept us in the loop and sent pictures from the factory and progress of the build. Finally, the boat was finished in spring sitting at the factory waiting for the delivery to the med. We decided to start our voyage in the med, since we had already sailed from the Baltic sea to the med on our previous boat. Everything worked out and we traveled to France on the 15th of June, the re/opening day of the borders in Europe. Ambra arrived safely a few days earlier via Sleepy Yacht Transport, who documented the trip from Finland to France via road and ferries. The Swan Service Team in Villefranche-Sur-mer under the leadership of Yves, welcomed Ambra in the med and launched the boat. We had plenty of time to organise all the things we will need for Ambra over the winter and accumulated a lot of parts and equipment to take on board. The sales process with Britta and Thorsten Flack was professional and fun. We highly recommend to visit the factory and meet the experts to discuss all options on-site. Britta and Thorsten organized the factory visit and were the perfect hosts and supported us with their experience. Thorsten came to the launch in France as well and stayed with us, to discover and test all the features during the handover. Thank you to the perfect sales team for all your advice and pictures. Why Swan 48? We looked for a performance cruiser with lifestyle onboard. The combination of the experience in performance boat building by Nautor Swan in Finland and the Italian design influence has made the Swan 48 for us the ideal [...]


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